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Synchronicity Stories 4

This page contains the first stories that were added to the first synchronicity stories site. You'll notice a man by the name of Clint Blauer of Ft. Collins, Colorado. Clint was a frequent contributor. In fact his was the first story besides my own that was included on the site. Clint was a fascinating man. He lived a long life and ruffled more than a few feathers over the years. He was an author and a thinker. We became good friends for many years. He sent me several of his books, flowers, gifts, etc. and called me on my birthday every year.
Clint passed away in November of 2006. I'll miss him always.

I dedicate this site to the memory of my dear friend. Thank you for everything Clint! Love you. D.



I thought I would enter an interesting series of synchronicities that happened to me last week and inspired this page. This may also help you get started on your story.

The Trillium Story (May 1997):

First, my husband (Will) and I occasionally passed a place outside of our town called the Trillium Health Center. We verbally wondered what kind of place it was.

A couple of weeks ago Will told me he saw a help-wanted ad in our newspaper for Trillium. Again we wondered about the place.

A day later I was checking out homepages by people in our town on our local server, Greenapple's, web site. There I found Trillium's web site. I found out they were a holisitic/homeopathic clinic. They discussed "Wilson's Syndrome" which I had just heard about a day or two before while surfing the web! (synchro #1)

My husband called me at work that evening, I told him I found a web page about Trillium, he said "Wow, I was just now checking search engines for them and couldn't find anything!" (synchro #2)

I have certain aches and pains and never tried but always considered a homeopathic approach so I decided to call them. I grabbed my yellow pages and it opened to the exact page! (synchro #3).

I talked to them about insurance coverage then called my insurance company. Trillium was not one of the "preferred providers" but the lady there said, "Here's a number, ask them if they will do a referral so you can get Trillium covered at the preferred provider amount of 90%/10% instead of 70%/30%. They probably won't do it but it won't hurt to ask." I did and they covered at 90/10! (synchro? #4).

I then called Trillium back and asked for an appointment, she said "How's Monday?", I asked for the date, and she said, "The 28th." The number 28 is THE Synchronicity number in my family, coming up at the oddest times! (synchro #5).

BTW, I went to Trillium a few days ago, and after nearly two hours of consultation with an MD, recieved a "remedy". If you're interested in my results feel free to email me.





I was born in Brush, Colorado on [June 3,1925]. The only daily newspaper available in Brush was the [Denver Post]. Later I moved to [Denver] where I lived for some forty years. One day I decided to go to the Denver Public Library to see what was published in the Denver Post on the date of my birth [June 3,1925]. The newspaper sometimes have what they call fillers which are usually little incidents that are humorous. The following article appeared in the paper. Quote: [Dr. Erdman Smith], president of Ottawa University, is of a very robust physique and takes a big belt. The other morning while dressing, he could not find his belt and asked Mrs. Smith "Have you seen my belt around the house?" and Mrs. Smith replied "No dear did you put it around the house?"} Anyway, it was [Dr. Erdman Smith] who married me and my wife 23 years later in Denver, Colorado at the First Baptist Church and to think that his name appeared in the Denver Post on the day I was born. While Smith is a common name, Erdman is not. Prior to coming to Denver to assume the pastorate of the First Baptist Church, he had been president of Ottawa Univ.





May 20th, 1997. I was talking to my hubby today and was telling him about an actor that I saw on a TV show last night. For the life of me I couldn't remember the actor's name and was naming movies and such he's been in to see if my husband knew his name. Nothing worked and I gave up. A few minutes later I looked at my kitchen table where I had sat a library book. The author's name, shown boldly on the front, was Peter Straub. I immediately remembered the actor, and showing my husband the book, told him. It was Peter Strauss.





In July of 1991, I was sitting in a restaurant called the High Country Steak House in Monte Vista, Co waiting for my order to be served when I saw a sign posted over the cash register. In Colorado the fire department has a regulation which states the maximum number of people allowed in a restaurant. which read seating capacity was 63, which corresponds to my birthday 6-3 (June 3). This is also the birthday of [Jefferson Davis}, the president of the Confederacy. The amount of the tab was $6.30. Just before I went to the restaurant, I picked up a map of Monte Vista and noted the names of the streets in the town. There were seventy-two streets and among them there were streets named Jefferson and Davis. Later that day, I returned to the restaurant and asked the waitress if she lived on either Jefferson or Davis. She was rather startled by my ESP as she informed me that she lived on [Davis] Street. Before giving her my order, I asked if she was born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius. She informed me that she was born on December 2, which made her sun in opposition to my sun. In astrology oppositions frequently suggest some type of conflict. In further conversation I suggested that I had discovered through a study of coincidences that I could have been a king of Denmark (Reincarnation) and my name was Christian II and I was responsible for the slaying of the royal family in [Sweden] and for some reason I associated her with that incident. When I suggested that she might have been part of the Swedish Royal Family, she then told me that she once owned a restaurant at [Swede] Lane and Hwy. [285] and that she came from a royal family in this life. She then told me that her mother came to the U.S. after World War I and that she was put out for adoption by her mother who was a refuge from Germany and she was the granddaughter of Kaiser Wilhelm and her grandmother's name was Queen Victoria. I later noticed that I had the numbers [285] in my social security number and that I lived only six blocks from [285] in Denver.





While vacationing in Switzerland in 1982, I met three American girls in a souvenir shop in Interlaken, Switzerland. One of the three, Pam Shulkin was from [Denver], [Colorado] and lived about three miles from my home in [Denver]. Her residence was located on [Colorado] Ave. in Denver. I lived at 4785 E. [Amherst] Ave. in Denver. While her home was in Denver, she attended the University of Massachusetts which is located in [Amherst] Mass. Later that day I just happened to get on the same cable car as the girls did, and we went to the top of a mountain where we had a good view of a mountain called [Jung]frau. It was Carl [Jung] who was born in Switzerland who created an international interest in synchronicity and coincidences. Several months later I met her in a drug store two blocks from my home here in Denver. Strange isn't it, I live just a few blocks from old friends whom I haven't seen in years.





One day I remarked to my wife, there must be a planet out there somewhere in the Universe with my name on it -- a place where I could call home. Several months ago I just typed in my last name "Blauer" into the infoseek search box and I had several hundred entries to chose from. One of the entries included the name the "Blauer Planet" which was all written in German. The word Blauer in German means blue in English. Then I remembered the Blue Planet is the name given to the planet earth. I was disappointed when I found out that I am presently living on the Blauer Planet. I must concede that while I have an estranged relationship with this planet, I am physically and spiritually an inhabitant here. Maybe, out there somewhere there is a planet called Klint or Clint where my soul will migrate someday after my earthly demise.





I was writing a letter to a friend three or four days ago and was remembering some popular songs from our Junior High School days. The one I used as an example and wrote down was "Afternoon Delight". I got to thinking how I haven't heard that song since it was popular about 20 years ago. Then yesterday, driving to work, they played it on the radio as they were having a 70's music night. I really laughed at this Synchronicity but you should have seen me today when I was watching a re-run of "Rosanne", Dan was waiting for her to open an envelope and she kept stalling and driving him nuts, suddenly she said, "Gee, I just can't get that song, "Afternoon Delight" out of my head."





6-10-97 I picked up a new book from the library called "Esau" and started reading it last night. Then tonight I was watching a PBS TV show about our early ancestors and they found a bone that suggested males of this early hominid species were much larger than females called "dimorphism" which usually means it was a polygamous society. Then later I settled in to continue the book, I started reading at the top of page 46, half way down the same page one of the characters says, ".........if this is consistent with what we already know about body-size dimorphism in primates..........I should say what we have here was almost certainly a male of the species." then, "Body-size dimorphism in primates is nearly always a corollary of males competing for access to a pool of females, right?"........."Right. And also of polygamy."







My name is [Clinton] My father's name was [Clinton] My son's name is [Clinton] My wife's parents were farmers and although they lived in Illinois they did much of their trading in [Clinton], Iowa Both of wife's brothers were born in [Clinton], Iowa. And one of them married a young woman who was born in [Clinton], Illinois. I had an affair with a young woman born in [Clinton]. Iowa My picture has appeared only once in a newspaper with another person and that person was President elect Bill [Clinton]. It was printed in the March 9, 1990 issue of the "The Colorado Statesman". It was strange that my picture should appear in the newspaper in as much I am an unknown in political circles. In my previous life I was a country doctor in Calamus, Iowa and my name was Dr. .DeWitt [Clinton Cook], and Calamus is located in Clinton County Iowa and both the town and the County was named for DeWitt [Clinton] -- an early governor of New York, and he was the first man with the last name of [Clinton] to run for the presidency. He lost the presidential election to Madison. President Bill [Clinton] was born in Hope, Arkansas which is located on US Hwy #67 which if you proceed northward from Hope on US #67 a few hundred miles up the road you will pass through Clinton Iowa. Both Arkansas and Iowa. have towns named Clinton.





[CEB, Jr.] are my initials. I was born in Brush, Colorado. The names of the streets in Brush as best as I could determine at the time of my birth were:

..................North-South Streets..............East-West Streets




Colorado Ave....................Ellsworth







Seven out nine streets running north and south start with the letter [C]

Six out of ten streets running east and west start with the letter - [E]

The name of the town was named after Jared Brush and the name of the

....town starts with a ............................................. [B}

The man for whom the town was named has a first name of Jared [J]






My favorite synchronicity story came to manifest following a conversation about SYNCHRONICITY. I worked as a classroom assistant for the Indianapolis Public School System. We often had study time for the students in each class so I got into the habit of bringing a book to read. One week I was reading a book titled "Synchronicity". I encouraged the teacher ( Emily ) to take the book home one night and tell me her impressions. After a few days she returned the book to me and told me that although the found the stories of synchronicity facinating, she felt that they must have been embellished to some degree to make them more entertaining. A few months laater during summer break, I got a call from her asking if I would be interested in taking a bicycle that she was going to otherwise throw out. I told her that I would and said that I would be right up to her place once I had a chance to take a shower. As I was finishing the shower, I went to turn the cold water knob and heard a clear SNAP. The water nosle refused to close. I called my landlord and informed him of the problem. He told me to hold tight and that his on-call plumber would be there within the hour. The man arrived and was able to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. The washer behind the cold water know had

finally given way I was living in a very old boarding house at the time. He said to me, "Ya know, that washer was probably there for 35 years, but today was the day it broke" I thanked him for his trouble and made my way to Emily's house. She lived in a very old house in a suburb Northwest of town. ( about a 20 mile drive ) When I arrived, Emily met me at the door dressed in a bathrobe and her hair up in a towel. She was visibly upset as she proceeded to tell me how just after our phone conversation she had gotten in to the shower and upon trying to shut off the water she heard a SNAP and the cold water refused to turn off. [ it was the washer behind the cold water knob ]





Dear Dani, Thank you for your message. I would like to share another synch story with you.


I was born on 11-28-51. ( thus the Email address ) My cousin Martin was born in February of '53, but lived only a couple of days.

Because Martin would have been the first grandchild to carry the Dornfeld name, ( my maternal grandparents ), his death was especially traumatic to my grandparents.

Although I was onlly 3 at the time, I have always had vivid memories of Martin's funeral. Somehow, his death was never a full reality to me.

Years passed and in June of "84, I became friends with a guy named Bobby who lived on the east side of town. ( Indianapolis ).

One day I saw Bobby at a local swimming pool. He introduced me to his little brother Melvin. His younger brother displayed remarkable psychic abilities and seemed to know all about me. What was even stranger, was that I was able to sense and know Melvin's thoughts and feelilngs just as well.

From that time on, Melvin would call me to ask me to take him places and do things with him. He felt estranged toward his own brother but said that he and I were "family". He was 13 when we met.

By 1988, Melvin was old enough to drive and then it was he who would carry us around ( in my car ).

One Sunday in late May of '88, Melvin and I were returning to the city following a drive to a lake south south of town. I was also living on the east side at the time so when we came upon Concordia Cemetary, I thought it might be nice to visit my grandparents' graves since I rarely got down that way.

I told Melvin to turn in to the cemetary grounds thinking that we were going to be there only a few minutes.

I had visited the grave sites numerous times over the years but somehow that day I just couldn't find them! We walked and searched; searched and walked but for some reason I just couldn't remember where they were!

We finally wound up at the far end of the cemetary by the iron railing that runs along side South Pennsylvania St. - under a large oak tree near the groundskeepers garage. I can remember looking down at what appeared to be a hole that one would expect to find on a golf course.

Nearly 30 minutes had passed from the time we arrived at the cemetary so I said to Melvin, "This is it ( I had had enough ) Let's just go!"

I had not told anyone about my visti to the cemetary.

The next day I got a call from my Aunt Karin ( also Martin's aunt ). She had called just to chat. Out of the blue - and after 33 years - she said, "You know, it's just a shame that we never got a headstone for Baby Martin's grave." "Where is it?" , I asked.

She answered, "It's at Concordia; all the way in the back by where they keep the lawn equipment under a big oak tree near Pennsylvania St.. It looks like a golf ball hole" The day before, Melvin and I had been standing on top of Martin's unmarked grave without being aware that it WAS a grave.

My Uncle Ronnie - Martin's father - had just passed on 9 months prior to our visit to the cemetary.

I suppose this may be as much a case of guidance from Beyond as an example of synchronicity. AND just WHY do Melvin and I have such a powerful ( and often frightening ) psychic connection? Could it be that my grandparents and Uncle Ronnie were letting me know just WHO Melvin is to me?

Is Melvin the reincarnation of Martin? I have to believe that to be the case.

As I walked around tht cemetary that Sunday, it was as if I was stumbling in a fog.

I can also recall the feeling of being pulled as if by an angelic presence.

The headstone for Martin's grave should be in place by Thanksgiving of this year.

If you feel that this story qualiifies as a case of synch, feel free to add it to your site.

I really enjoy reading about synchronicity and hope that your site flourishes.

Be well, Mark




Synchronicity enthusiasts,


I am a scientist; a Physics Professor, and I have an amazing story for you. I wrote a book, not just another book. It is difficult for me to characterize this book. Eventhough it is written in the poetic styles of rhyme and metaphor, it is non-fiction. It starts out with an exposition of my physical health, state of mind and personal suffering leading up to a "threshold" I went through in Bahrain, The Persian Gulf, in the summer of 1997. The initiator of this transformation was the Indian Actress; Pooja Bhatt. I saw her image on television once...and everything changed ! Obsession is the only word I can honestly use to describe my thoughts towards Pooja Bhatt. I became obsessed with her facial image and persona. But it was never even remotely sexual. It was a "selfless kind of obsession", if you can imagine such a feeling existing! My depression turned into joy, confusion to clarity, and my doubt into faith. "Stalking" her in magazines and on the Internet, I was showered with a barrage of amazing Synchronicity. As her birthday approached, I struggled to capture my inexpressible feelings twoards her by composing poetry, and I was never a poet ! My experiment went out of control and I ended up writing"Book of Rhyme" and "Magic Boat". I believe that my thoughts were guided by whatever faculty that was causing the Synchronicity in the poems. The synchronicity is manifested in the rhyme, theme coherence, the connective framework, and the verse formats, The formats actually started drawing pictures !!! My story would not be complete if I do not guide you to my website (http://www.magicboat.com), I posted the entire book which you can read online, or download, for free. But I warn you,it is quite controversial at times.


So visit me there, and Believe !


Dr. Safwan Arekat




Dani volunteered to put my book on the web ---The Gospel According to Klint" in which I used the pen name of "Klint of Denmark" and she was also also kind enough to list it as an address on her own page. Some months later I wondered if Dani and I had any coincidences (synchronicity) which would be interesting. I studied the name name Dani with scrutiny and wondered if it had any significance. I started my quest by looking in my Thorndike-Barnhart Dictionary (2 Volumes)for any words starting the letters d-a-n-i, and found there were only six words starting with those letters. They were: Danian, Daniel, Daniell-cell, Danish, Danish pastry,and Danite. Isn't it interesting that the word Danish was mentioned twice and that author's pen name had "Denmark" as part of his pen name.


Dani lived at time in Lancaster, Ohio. She is my only acquaitnace living in Ohio. I frequent a coffee shop called the Silver Grill here in Ft.Collins and I play coincidence games with the people at the counter. One day they had a new waitress and I asked her what state she was from and she said she was from Ohio. So I said "let me guess the name of the town. I said:"Lancaster". She said said she lived in Baltimore but was born in Lancaster, Ohio. Just last week I was visiting with another customer at the counter and I said "What state are you from and he said Ohio. I said,"Let me guess what the name of the town. Is it Lancaster". Several months later I was visiting with another customer and I asked him what state he was from and he said Ohio and I said let me guess the name of the place. You are from Lancaster. He looked at me with amazement and wondered how I knew for he graduated from high school in Lancaster. If I were just playing guessing games why not pick a city like Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus. My message is: You probably have a common denominator with every person you meet if you would only pursue it. I have collected nearly five hundred coincidences in my life. So what do you the reader of this message have in common





My story is short....


All my life I have had the pleasure and saddness of having Synchronicity. It is a lot of responsiblity to be aware of why things happen. Not all things are good that are manifestied. From a core level you tend to manifest all things in your life including a loss of a love one; i.e., which I did. But this story is kind of kicky.


I live in a small city next to a larger one and everday on the way home I would pass a small convience Macket,aka a liquor store. Some older people ran it. I would then say to my new husband, "Gee think they'd be willing to sell the store"? He would reply Na they have sons. So obviously I never presented that questions to the owners. I can't tell you how many time I said it. Anyways one day my husband was in the store and just off the fly asked the owner if he would be willing to sell. His answer was, " As a matter of fact we are selling in two months". Needless to say I am a current owner of a small but fruitful Convience Mart. The funds provided by my late husband God Bless his sole. Manifestation comes in all shapes and forms; beware of what you ask for you just might get it.





i had a best friend sixteen years ago who lived in a bungalow in a large town. Sixteen years on i have made friends with another girl whose other friend lives in the same house as my old friend despite not being the same person. Weird





I was listening to a tape of a Greatful Dead show I had never heard before. One segment consisted of improvized percussive noises. The sound of a train engine was mimicked, building slowly in intensity. It finally climaxed with two "toot"s of a train whistle. At the same moment a real train whistle outside blew twice, very loudly, and precisely in sync with the tape. This happened in an area where trains are rarely heard. I know what you're thinking: No, I was not on any drugs.





June 26, 2002 Story: I'll try to be concise. When I was in High School (early eighties), my chior teacher had the notes of a song going around the border of the room, much like your first grade teacher probably had the alphabet. At some point during the year, someone would ask him what the song was, and he would roll up his sleeves and play it for us on the piano, then play the album. The song was "Little" Fugue in G Minor, by J.S. Bach. He would end up playing it relentlessly throughout the year, drilling it into our heads, until by the end of the year, we were all humming the little fugue under our breaths nearly constantly ... Cut to about five years after graduation, I kept hearing bits and pieces of a completely unrelated song (The Power of Love, by Air Supply) on the radio in random places. I couldn't place the song, but it had the phrase "You are my lady" in it. It was making me nuts. I was determined to find out who sang it, but no one could tell me, so I ended up buying any cassette tape (this was the eighties, remember) I could find that had a song with the word "lady" in the title on it. I had 'em all -- Kenny Rogers, The Commodores, you name it ... One day, my best friend from High School and I were walking through the mall and she asks me "What was that song Mr. S. used to play for us in chior? I get as far as dah DAH dah (sings the first three notes of "Little" Fugue in G Minor), but that's as far as I can remember"! I say "Oh, yeah, uhh, I think it was called Fugue in D Minor". (Wrong) She says "Yeah, that's it! Fugue in D Minor"! We stop in the record store and she heads for the classical section, determined to find it. I take the opportunity to fulfill my "lady" quest and think "Hmmm, maybe it was Styx" so I head for the S section, and there it is, a cassette by Styx entitled "Lady".

"Bingo" I say, and grab the cassette without further examination ... We get back to my place and I put the cassette in and it, of course, turns out to be a completely different song. Side one plays through and my friend gets up to leave. After she leaves, I go back to the living room, flip over the tape and hit "play" and absentmindedly go about my business. Suddenly, coming from the tape I hear "dah DAH dah..." You got it -- "Little" Fugue in G Minor on side two of the Styx tape I had just purchased! I called my friend immediately and played it for her. She was like "Now, how the hell did you do that"!? Ain't synchronicity fun?






July 14, 2002

Story: This new found sense of awareness didn’t expose itself to me all at once. I knew something was happening; I began noticing coincidences that were becoming more frequent as time went on. I didn’t know what these coincidences meant until I talked to my English teacher, Mr. Wyndham, after school one day, which was a coincidence in itself. Throughout the conversation he suggested that I’m becoming aware of the world around and within me. And that as a result of being aware, I am noticing coincidences which are fate’s way of teaching me. Awareness leads to coincidences and coincidences contain life lessons. One night I had a dream that I was coming out of a building into a courtyard, and as I looked up I saw some sort of alien spacecraft with a laser coming from the bottom of the ship. The next thing I knew I was inside of a building and then I was transported out into space. I had no body, my mind or soul was the only thing that existed of me out there. I saw in one instant the destruction of what I thought was my galaxy, my home, it took one second for them to annihilate everything I had known, but despite all of that I have never felt more aware or more alive, I felt at home, after all I am a child of the stars, we all are. It is a morbid thing to say, but it was so beautiful, a blue explosion set against the blackness we call nothing. After one brief moment I returned to the building and looked over to a person standing next to me and whispered, “It was nothing but a power surge, the lights just went out.” I was presented with so much knowledge in a short amount of time, I still don’t know how to make sense of it all, and I will spend the rest my life trying though. All I know I was given a gift from the stars, they answered my questions. After recognizing awareness, .............

I looked back over the past few years which were marked with one coincidence after another. It is a bit eerie when a coincidence happens because I know that something divine has intervened in my life. It is scary yet comforting at them same time. The first coincidence I recognized was when I met Laura Wickstrom. If one were to look at our friendship, one would assume that we have known each other for ever, when in fact, I have known her for a little more than a year. I have never in my life made a profound connection with someone so quick. My life went down a different road the day I met her. I owe her for the wonderful change she made in my life, friends like that are rare. The eeriest of all, are the coincidences I share with Andy. Our souls made a connection the day we met. He was the assistant drum major my freshman year. I didn’t know anything about him, I never talked to him, but I knew him, if that makes any sense. Then, during my sophomore year while assembling pep band books, we started talking. From then on everything thing he said I could have said for him, it would have been just the same. I remember talking to my mom about how odd it is that we are so similar. One day while I was walking home from school I approached my home and thought to myself how cool it would be if Andy would show up randomly sometime. I love surprises and I hadn’t seen him in awhile. Well, I went inside and heard the doorbell ring and I didn’t answer it at first, but then it rang a second time so I went to the door and looked out through the peep hole and saw a note on the ground. I couldn’t read it so I opened the door and out from nowhere he attacks me. It was weird knowing that I had foreseen the unforeseeable. Another coincidence that I have been noticing is during school. After I have been struggling with life’s hard lessons for awhile, soon after I learn a lesson that will help me get through it. ............


It is as if the lessons I learn in school are somehow made specifically for me. The moment I thought that life should come with an instruction book, Mr. Hudgins handed me a book called Life 101. And so far every piece of literature Mr. Wyhdam has given me to read has made a direct connection with a question I have been perplexed with. There are far more examples but the ones I listed were the most intense. Because I have become aware, I have opened my eyes to a new world out there full of lessons ready to be taught to anyone who wants to see. I was granted a new kind of freedom after I talked to Wyndham and learned about my dream amongst the stars. I have learned that life really isn’t a tough proposition; it is quite simple in fact, beautifully simple. It is us who make it complicated. It shouldn’t be frustrating, for the answers will come, however disguised they may be. Oh! What if I do let fate guide me? The first part was written back in December, and at the time, I wrote what fate had taught me up until the point the words settled within the ink. Little did I know…the lessons portrayed in the narrative are still presenting themselves, specifically the one about Andy. We broke up about a month ago and I could have gone through and erased the segment I wrote about hi. That was my first intention, but it came to me that I didn’t realize it at the time but fate was trying to unravel a lesson and show it to me. My relationship with Andy was one huge lesson. He was supposed to be in my life, I was just confused as to how. Our relationship taught me that people aren’t what they seem and integrity is one of the greatest attributes a person can hold. But most of all I learned that all one can do is set an example, as my mom told me, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Everyone is traveling down their own path learning the life lessons fate presents to them, sometimes those paths cross, and sometimes they drift apart. Fate crossed our paths, fate provided a lesson. A while after I broke up with Andy....I finaly e-mailed this guy who I had sat next to me in math class..we had talked while I was in a relationship and one day he tried to ask me out to a movie or something but never managed to get the courage....but if he did have the courage I would have had to tell him no. But since I had broken up with Andy I decided to contact him. So I did and we started talking and the more I learned about him the more I noticed that he was everything that Andy wasn't, it sounds mean but Andy ate like a caveman, Dan has the best manors and Andy was anti-religion, Dan is a confused mormon wanna be. The most amazing thing though is that before I broke up with Dan I read a book called The Bridge Accross forever, a book by Richard Bach....reading that book was like reading about myself, we had identical personalities and ideas about love, we were both afraid of the same things. At first that book told me that I will never find my soulmate cause the perfect person can only exsist in many people, and sadly I chose to believe it....I felt like Dan didn't provide a spirital connection for me and our relationship was getting boring. So I broke up with him....it was very impulsive, I can't believe I just gave up so quickly like that. But then I read on into the book and learend that the boredom between two people only comes from being apart mentally and spiritually and soulmates do fight, and that to love I have to put aside selfishness. That book came along at the perfect moment in my life to teach me the most important lesson ever:LOVE. Dan and I are back together, and now I realize that he is in my life to help me learn about love.

……….…….the .time I had visited the last few remaining work colleagues to remain in the job before building closed…He was one of the first to go,......................

so had well left.

It was dark rainy November day...and it rained all that day...the exact same weather as that late summer's day when they were all given the news that they would be let-go in phases.

While on the way home, I had decided to not to get a taxi after all, as I had my umbrella, I had a choice to go one of two ways home, I chose the quiet leafy way and walked away in the drizzle constantly thinking of him, re-visiting had brought it all back even more.

I felt strange, reminising about how many times I had walked to and from work up along this way then...

...all I can think of is him as I continue along this quiet spot on a path so familiar to me, then, on the further ahead of me, I am noticing bright yellow markings; I am getting closer and have come to the conclusion, yep! bright yellow spray can graffiti, typical kids, nothing better to do but spray all over the path, I thought to myself.


On approaching it look down at it...there in big yellow-sprayed letters is the name "Paul" nothing else. Coincidence, I am little taken aback here, yea odd, but my safe word, coincidence... again.

So, yea, I had days where I did not want to be bothered with ..................

it the WHOLE LOT...the gut feelings .. (My friends suggestion that I was also receiving some kind of communication/messages)...I'd had enough and I did NOT want to try and TUNE into my physci more (As suggested by a few)..No, I wanted to Tune out...and I tried, I ignored, I this and I that.


Seemed OK, for a very short while, then one day.... I get stuck on the bus in heavy traffic while going into the city. I gaze idledly from the window just looking at this, then that...I eventually become inpatient, but I sit and wait like everyone else...and here we go, he enters my mind again...OK, fine, I am well use to this, nothing new, huh!... I rest my head against the window with his vision still in my mind, suddenly my eyes focus on the railway bridge ahead the billboard ad shows a pair of woman's crying eyes, mascara running down her cheeks...I do not have a clue what the add is all about, but at the end of the picture is one large word in white... "FEEL"...I was aware, but ignored it...not going to make anything of it...I had been feeling far too much of late for my liking, huh!

I am window shopping in he city now and I guess he had left my thoughts a short while ago, maybe even before I stepped from the bus.

I do some shopping and later on, while at a check-out, a lady places her brown boutique bag onto counter right in front of me, OK they could just as easily placed it at their feet, also...that usually happens.

OK, I don't pay much more attention ...but she is taking a long time, so I turn back to her and notice she is signing a cheque...normal...then I focus on this bag.......

and this IS a boutique bag...all that is written at the bottom of this bag is..."Trust your Instincts".

OK, fine, big deal ...but then I remember the only word on the billboard on the bridge earlier...Right, again, I tell myself don't make anything of this...I am not getting into all this again, but.. I could not help but notice that they had 'one' BIG thing in common...both involved 'feelings'...and I HAD been thinking AND, especially feeling so much over the last months....BUT I now wanted to tune-out..ignore it all...I REFUSED let it continue...DENIAL and LOGIC felt SAFE for me now...

One evening during our brief `keeping in-touch', I visit a new site to read HOROSCOPES...I don't take much notice at first, but something on a banner ad on top of this page is flashing/moving and my attention is diverted to it...it is a grey rectangle bar with an arrow indicating a drop-down list (in this case, you know it is suppose to contain a list of peoples' names)....and guess what the caption on the left reads..."Wanna know your Soulmates name?" OK, that's fine...now to the right in the window pane of the drop-down arrow, there is a default name used as an example...and the name in the window is....'Amanda'

This is the name I had always used for him whenever talking about him to a close friend (The close friend knew) while in other company and I also used it in part reference to how I kept my mails private on my system...then just before sending it, I would just change all instances of that name to his name in one go with the application I used.

Back then I smiled to myself... on seeing this banner...another long line of coincidences.





I am too tired to re-type, so what you are about to read is ALL chipped and chopped from a long mail I had written to a friend. These are only short pieces from it.

All this is realy about someone I had met over three years ago in same work place.

Story too long, but it was not only a mutual attraction, but to me it felt so spiritual that I came to my own conclusion that if soulmates do exist, then he may have been one.

The whole thing was so deep, and strange. We never confirmed are feelings.

Both in existing relationships, also. Never crossed the line with one another…. but it was all there in our actions, gazes, and so forth…an unspoken thing. I left to go back to college…he lost his job a short while later.

We had kept in-touch for short time, because on the day I left the job he would not come over to say goodbye, which I found strange, but inner voice said…"This is probably the way HE deals with it and by Monday, when I sent email to him in work, he confirmed my inner voice, saying he was did not want to say goodbye as it is so definate and feels it is only for someone you are never going to see again, and that, who knows, maybe we will run into one another again…(His words)….so I suggested if that is the case, then keep in-touch if he likes….we did and I wrote as I would any other email friend, though with him I was so glad to have him connected to/in my life in some way……then he stopped? ........................

I waited almost two months before sending him assertive, but calm mail asking had he NOW said goodbye in his own way and if so, I had mentioned before, that it would be fine, I would understand, but don’t do it this way…just don’t give me the silent treatment, make it official, say it…he remained silent.

My heart was broken, my soul had been deeply touched and now in turmoil…I went even deeper and in all this sadness, loss and turmoil, the spiritual feeling intensified. I am still in some kind of process with it all, though I do feel a bit better a year later. Though I have thought of him EVERY single day since.

I have had my suspitions, intuits on the possiblities (I have been intuitive and sharp with dreams in life), but still do not know the real truth of what happened. Apart from hearing from reliable source some months back that his partner is exremely jelouse in their relationship? And though this source was close to him on the job and they agreed to stay in-touch now she (female, of course) has not heared from him either.

Anyway, so much of the strange stuff continued happening since that last email to him and so little of it is in the following extracts from a mail to friend.

Early last year in the middle of working in same building with him, I had this strange feeling..no visions, voices and all that lark, just the ................


gut feeling (Familiar with me at times). I kept it to myself until its persistance drove me to first, tell my husband, then a few over lunch in work one day. This is the only way I was able to verbalise it when aksed what on earth I was talking about.

Its like, something big is going to happen that the whole world is going to know about…it feels negative, so it must be bad..its not like we are all going to die or anything, but it feels bad. Then my final summary would be…its just feels like something big is going to happen and its going to be bad and the whole world is going to know about it.

Flash forward little over six months and it wasn’t until about two weeks AFTER Sept 11 that it hit me in a wave…Gosh, could that have been anything to do with that feeling I had earlier this year (Last year)? My husband just looked at me and said, "Yea, I know, I thought of that" As metioned I have been sharp with dreams and intuition…gut feelings…some are literally like butterflies, sometimes almost a hint of nausea…it has often felt like it is located under the ribs, but high in my stomach’s center? Hard to explain. But before this, I had never had( What I now call it) a global feeling* before…to be end up feeling so confident in the midst of all the confusion to end up telling a few people what I was feeling, even though it was not something I woke to in horror every morining, nothing like that…it was just a deep, weird feeling and that is how I put it into *verbal. Now, in a way, I wish I had have been *pressed on it when I told a few, because I never tried to look into it, so to speak…it was just THERE, but I ignored it, I didn’t let it bother me once I told those few, but if someone had have tried to make me think more,...........

draw something out of me…God only knows whether I would have been able to feel/see/have even more clarity. I just don’t realy know.

But, I have made sure this time, to tell a few more…since early again this year, around March-April I told a few that I have that same kind of feeling again…uneasy and global.

I do hope I am wrong with this one, I realy do.

And I think I should stop here because I have got carried away. There is so, very much I could talk about…it is frustrating and it has come more to my concious self since meeting this person, who had such a profound affect on my soul.


So SORRY about all this.


The main reason for this mail is wanting to know if the very few happenings (There have been too numerous) from the following chopped mail can be described as coincedences, syncronous events.






Name: Shirley

Story: My husband Tom had always been a huge music enthusiast. Over the past couple of years he really took an appreciation of the music of the group U2. He had learned that the group was coming to Providence, R.I. not far from where we live for a concert in 10/01. This group is virtually impossible to get tickets to see, but I thought since Tom really enjoyed them I would do my best to get to try to get tickets for this concert. I learned that the tickets would be going on sale at 9:00 am a particular Saturday morning in September. Tom went to work that morning around 8:00 am, and I sat by the computer thinking of my stragedy on how I would try to get these coveted U2 tickets. I figured I would first call the Providence Civic Center to see how long the line was at this time for tickets, and then decide whether it was worth making the drive up to try to get tickets. Since I did not have the Civic Center's phone number at hand, I then called information to get it. When I asked the operator for the Civic Center's number, her next words to me were, "are you calling there to try to get U2 tickets?" This response blew me away, and she proceeded to tell me, "don't bother going there, I'll tell you how to get those tickets". She instructed me to call an out-of-state Ticket Master since the local one would be bogged down with calls from local people trying to do the same as I was. She gave me a North Carolina number, and I got through first shot and got two great tickets for the 10/30/01 concert. Needless to say my husband was thrilled!!! We had a great time at the concert, and my husband made many comments about how much he liked the U2 song "Kite" which they played that night. I honestly did not pay much attention to his comment about this song, but later would learn that it contained great meaning to him and me since it is about saying goodbye but never really leaving. My husband Tom died on 11/29/01 very unexpectedly from a heart attack.




Name: J Martinez

Story: I met a girl at my work place and since the very first day I started talking to her I started experiensing alot of coensidencies. When I think about her the phone rings, it's her calling me. If I'm going to say something she says it before I start talking or if she is going to say something I say it before she does, this happens alot. She went to my same gramer school,jr high,same orchestra class, ended up working in the same place I work and I just met her 4 years ago. I didn't think of that as important until she told me that she believes in reincarnation and she believes we had loved each other in the past life, love each other in this life and will love each other in the future life. She tells me, that explains why I know what she is thinking and she knows what I'm thinking, we were always meant to meet since kids,and that also explains why we know each other so much. My relationship with her is not good she is engaged and she is planing to get married in six months. More and more this relationship is becoming more misterios. The last coensidence was that her boyfriend's sister is very good friends with my best friend's brother. I'm starting to freak out and I don't know why. On small accasions I also thought that something was wrong and I started thinking about the situation and I couln't take it off my mind. I went to invistigate what the problem was and it was the same situation I had thought about. On 3/6/01 my dad was in the hospital, about 5am I woke up and my door in my room was moving back and forth, my dad past away at 5am of a heart attack in the hospital. Sometimes I find doing things and at the same moment I know I done this before and I know what is going to happend next, I just wonder if there is any meaning for this or it's only in my mind???? I wonder what is going to happend next!




Name: sue

January 25, 2002 I learned of synchronicity yesterday, all my life I thought these were coincidences. About two years ago, one rainy afternoon I asked my husband if he wanted to go to the casino, he did not. We were in the middle of remodeling our house and I wanted a particular siding, which was more expensive than we had wanted to spend and he mentioned it would cost $50,000. Stopped for gas. The gas total rang up ending in 77 cents. I topped off the gas and it rang up to the last number ending in 7. While driving I thought to myself maybe I'm suppose to play a machine with 7's. I played a red, white and blue 7 machine, playing one then two coins, one then two coins, on two coins I hit the jackpot -- red, white and blue 7's for $50,000.




Truly amazing "coincidence": My shrink had described a scenario that Albert Ellis, apparently a shrink/scholar/researcher/author of some repute, presented in one of his books. The scenario described how a person in the workplace might take umbrage at having not been invited to lunch when he or she noticed his or her coworkers walking right by him or her en route to lunch. The person, if wise, must challenge the human tendency to project that he or she was deliberately excluded. Otherwise, he or she becomes the victim of projection, a cognitive distortion. Ellis goes on to show that what's on trial is not whether we're right or not in our projections but rather what those projections imply, namely, that we likely have irrational beliefs that merit remediation.

Next day, I'm at work, slaving to pay the rent with my unremarkable paycheck, when the corporate big shot invites the entire workplace staff of about nine people to lunch--except me.


I was asked to mind the phones and was not told why I was singled out to remain. It was especially strange, given that this big shot prefers my company to some of the others he invited (I'm pretty sure about that) and given that I rarely answer phones. The receptionists do that, but on this day, they, too, were invited to lunch! Synchronous circumstance or what?


I immediately thought of what my shrink had described, for certainly I was beginning to project. I started imagining possibilities but ultimately decided I could not know what was in the big shot's mind.


What's totally amazing to me was being introduced to a concept I subsequently experienced the next day, and not in some vague application of the idea to a different context, but rather to the exact scenario described to me.


A final bizarre note: Albert Ellis is someone I had never heard of before my shrink mentioned him. After my session with my shrink, I went to a local bookstore to find a self-help book about an unrelated topic (in terms of my last shrink session). I had earlier in the week





Tam (16) and I shared THE most unusual experience last week…I had a session with my therapist and a childhood issue came up as a result of something that happened recently…I ended up curled up in a tight ball crying and saying, “I’m sorry mummy, I didn’t mean it….I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t mean it…I just wanted to show everyone my dolly, she’s soooo pretty. I’m sorry mummy…..I’m so sorry I hurt you…I so sorry I scared you….I’m sorry mummy……I’m sorry…I can’t make it better, I’m just a little kid and I don’t know how to fix it…I don’t know how to make it better….I don’t know how to stop you from being scared……I’ll go to sleep now mummy…I have my dolly with me….I’ll go to sleep and I’ll be good now”.

The time this catharsis occurred? Around 12.15pm.

Nothing so weird….this kind of thing happens at times in therapy / counselling …..Only……I rang Tamara’s mum that evening to see how she was after having dental surgery that day….she was out, so I spoke with Tamara – I asked her how she was doing and she said it had been a tough day for her psychologically….that she had been talking with her lover about a childhood issue and had ended up curled up in a tight ball crying and saying, “I’m sorry mummy, I didn’t mean it….I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t mean it…I just wanted to show him my dolly. I’m sorry mummy…..I’m so sorry I hurt you…I sorry I scared you….I’m sorry mummy……I’m sorry…I can’t make it better, I’m just a little kid and I don’t know how to fix it…I don’t know how to make it better….I don’t know how to stop you from being scared……I’ll go to sleep now mummy…I’ll go to sleep and I’ll be good now”.


And the time she was in this state? About 12.15 pm!


Tams issue (apparently) involved her reaction to her mother’s anger after Tam told her about a retarded man exposing himself to her….Tam was three and her mother (who had been sexually abused by her Grandfather as a child) had instilled in her children at a very early age what is not okay behaviour for an adult and what her kids could do about

Sue P



A true story that happened to me in January,2002. I have never been a believer in synchronicity,epiphany,meaningful coicindences or the like. Withing 24 hours my life had changed and within 12 weeks I had flown 10000kms to see this woman. We are in love all over again. Below are the first three emails we sent each other. Remember this is the first correspondence between us in over 12 years!

Hey there!


Date : Tue, 08 Jan 2002 22:25:06 +0000


Well hello there Terry,

It's Debbie. I have no idea if you even remember who I am. I would hope I left a lasting impression, but then again, maybe you couldn't wait to forget all about me. I wasn't that nice.

Why am I writing to you now after at least 10 years of not knowing each other? Well, a few months ago, I started to think about you often. I wondered where you were, who you loved, how you enjoyed your work etc. etc. Anyway, I sometimes reflect on the past and those I knew way back when. Then, you left my mind again until a few nights ago. This is going to sound hokey but I have to tell you. I dreamt about you. Not an everyday normal kind of dream, but a dream that compelled me to try to find you. In the dream, I was searching for you. It was an all out search, I was looking all over the world for you. I had some guidance in the dream, someone who helped me try to find you. I awoke feeling better than I had in weeks and so completely excited to try to find you. Why though???? I don't know. All I know is that your brothers number jumped out at me and I called him. He gave me your email and so here I am. I hope you're O.K. I hope you're happy. Write me back, if for no other reason than to tell me to get lost. I hope I didn't weird you out too much. I feel so much better now that I've followed my instincts to reach you. I hope this finds you well.



P.S. In case you really do forget who I am, we dated back in the fall of 1989. 12 years ago. I would love to talk to you again.


From : Terry



Subject :

second email


Date :

Thu, 10 Jan 2002 15:01:07 +0300




On January 5th, I climbed a hill to a Buddist temple. While there I had my fortune read. I've never done that kind of thing before and on the average day would think it quite silly.


The guy told told me I would be with my second love which was greater than the first. I've loved three women in my life.


You're the second.


Within five days of that, and twelve years of us, you email me.


Do you have any answers to this?


I could use one.




Subject : so, it's not just me then.


Date : Sat, 12 Jan 2002 02:15:23 +0000



I don't have any answers. All I have are alot more questions.

Saudi Arabia, hey? That's pretty far. I checked my atlas, you are on the other side of the earth. So, when you had your fortune read, did you think it meant anything at the time, or was it only after receiving an email from me that you really thought about it?

To be honest, I have thought about you often, and even missed you sometimes. In fact, I once tried to reach you about 5 years ago, maybe more. I think you were living in Texas at the time, but it just didn't feel right, so I put you way in the back of my head and got on with things.

I can't begin to tell you how weird this situation is. Is it just a HUGE coincidence? Is it fate? Is it GOD? I still can't believe that I'm sitting here writing to you or that you actually want to hear things I have to say. But, it makes me happy to be writing to you.

My life has been pretty crazy thus far. I am in Ontario right now, Toronto to be exact, where all good newfies end up at one time or another. I co-own a dog grooming spa with my best friend Melanie. Blair and I broke up over 2 years ago, finally for good and for that I am truly happy. It's taken me all this time to realize how much happier I am without him. But, my future is completely obscure to me right now. I want to leave Ontario. I don't really know where I want to go, I just realized recently that I'm not living the life I want to live.


Obviously, there must be a divine reason for us to all of a sudden start thinking of each other. I don't know what the reason is and to say I'm not scared would be a big fat lie. I'm terrified and equally ecstatic at the same time. I can hardly sleep, my mind is whirling. Do you have any insight on this? Do you still believe in God?


Did you say I was your second love? I didn't know I was any love. I didn't know.


So, tell me Terry, what's going thru your mind?




I have started exploring synchronicity after certain numbers keep popping up in my life, and I am wondering what the significance is, and if this is even synchronicity. My mother was diagnosed with MND (ALS) on the 23rd September 1999. She passed away on the 23rd February 2001 at 2:30am. There are alot of 23's in this story and the freakiest thing of all is that when I was younger I used to continously doodle the date 23rd March. I don't know why or what the meaning of it all is, only that now it refers exactly to one month after my mother died. But maybe something significant will occur in my life on this date.


Another thing that happened concerning my mother's death was that my cousin had a dream the night that Mum passed away. When my cousin woke up the next morning, she asked us if anything had happened at 5:30am. For a moment we were all stunned and couldn't think of anything, and my cousin went on to tell us her dream. In her dream she had seen Mum's father who died before my cousin was born and he was holding someone's hand. He said, "It's alright, my little girl's with me. Everything's OK" For some reason in the dream my cousin asked Mum's Dad what the time was and he told her it was 5:30am. It turned out that that was about the time that the funeral directors came to take Mum's body away.

Of course, after my cousin told us her dream, we were all in tears, but I think for all of us it made it so much easier to let go of Mum and know that wherever she was, she was safe and loved. Seeing my mother pass away has changed the way I see dying and death. I am not afraid anymore.







I have quite a few synchroncitic (is that a word??) events in my life, but the one that still makes the hair raise on the back of my neck is this:


Several years ago I was having lunch with my wife in our car that was parked at a river-side park. From "no-where" the thought of 'what would you do if a body floated past' came to mind. I posed the question to my wife, and we started a discussion of what we would do when not more than a minute into the discussion an object floated by in the swift current. The object, mostly submerged, looked like it had a bright blue cloth around it, like a T-shirt. We could not identify the object, but the emptiness in the pit of our stomachs was distinct. The woman in the car in front of us came running back to our car and said, "did you see that?"


Indeed, a body had floated by. She called authorities on her cell phone, and we found out that a poor, lost soul had jumped off a bridge several miles upstream. Sadly, the water was very swift, deep and dangerous where we were, and a rescue attempt was impossible. As it turned out, there would have been no hope of revival because of the time he was in the water.







Currently suddenly leaving a six-year co-dwelling arrangement in Los Angeles, and having mentioned briefly in passing to my (chronically synchronistic, thus the moniker...) SpiriTwin, about the circumstance; I was amused, but not shocked, when withing +/-30 hours, she called me urgently to announce the following:


She'd been reading her email when she received an urgent 'help' message from some associates related to our field of work, that their usual house sitters wouldn't be able this year and, would any of their colleagues know of a responsible-tyoe who might be quickly available.


Series of phone-tags and here I am, transitioning respite!


Uncanny how this usually works with she and I about my residential/work health among others.. No effort on our parts, just enthusiastic and loving, grateful response!


Ditto, our personal histories, spirituality, marriages, childrearing, activism, peacemaking attitudes and careers.







Earlier today I received an email that told me the meaning of 'synchronicity' which was not a word I had heard before.. so decided to checkitout on the internet and hence discovered your site which I have spent all evening reading with great interest.


I hope you won't mind me seeking your advice on some experiences whichhave been bothering me a great deal and which you maybe able to help me understand. Hopefully you will find this fascinating too.


For many years I have had 'deja vu' and 'psychic' experiences... but inth elast 2 years I have got to know someone with whom I have a very strong connection. We got to know each other when working togethr on a book. When we met ( having speent 6 months exchanging emails and phone calls) we were both dressed in the same colour ( red and black) and I took a drawing of him that I had done - it looked like his photograph....and have been able to know his parents name, their address, tell him of a drowning incident that he was involved in in very specific detail and other traumasin his life including life threatening illnesses and a suicide attempt,noneof which he had ever mentioned. I also started to call him a pet name thatlater transpired to be the same name that his wife had used. I also set up an email folder for his mail an called it cock robin for no particular reason. A few weeks later I stayed in a hotel thathad a poemon th ewall byWilliam Blake which was all about Cock Robin sobbing in a tree. I tried to call my friend to tell him of this buthe did not answer th ephone. A week later he sent me an article about the English language that used Blakes poetry to explain - specifically cock robin... wwhen I told him of th ecoincidence he told me thathe had sstudied Blake at univversssssity and had had articles published about this poem . He also told me that he had not answered the phone the night I had phoned because he was reading a book about Blake....


The latest situation involves me knowing that he has a serious health problem which a medical check up





I have had an extraordinary year of meaningful coincidences. First of all I was looking for full time work for the summer, as I am attending grad school in Calgary (Canada). I work for a large bank but they could not guarantee me hours in the region I was looking but they offered me fulltime hours for the summer in my hometown of Sarnia. I was very hesitant as I had not been back home in 7 years. But the money got the better of me and I decided to go. This branch was hard to staff and an interim manager was assigned to Sarnia. It turns out that this manager had just moved back from Calgary two weeks before and was regretting the decision. She therefore left her stuff in Calgary and decided that she would move back and we got a place together! SHe had never heard of Sarnia and I had not been there in 7 years and we both took heed to the powers of fate. It also so happens that I acquired a new client and through discussions discovered his daughter was the head of student admissions where I am attending university next year!!!!Life is full of clues and signs that if we only paid attention to, our difficult decisions would not be so hard to make.

There are many more I could tell but this was the most important to me!





This is an enquiry rather than a story: can you tell me whether it was James Widfeldt who first introduced the concet and the term 'sychronocity' or was it someone before him/


looking forward to your response.

Many thanks





I don't really have a story to tell,(so many i don't know where to begin)but I just wanted to say to all the people who read the stories of synchronocity or ever experienced it that if you have ever felt this wierd tingilly feeling (almosts starts in the back of your neck)...or after reading this...





(sorry for my poor english, i'm a french canadian)

a family friend (who's parents live in the Ottawa(Canada) region,is very good musician, and he once got a job playing music aboard a boat cruise in Tunesia. Once, he send a nice picture of him on the boat with the nice sunset surrending him to his parents in Canada. The picture was very nice, and his parents wanted to have a bigger one. They didn't have the negative so they kept the picture with them thinking that at one point they would ask a specialist if it was possible to get a bigger picture from this original. So they had it with them all the time and forgot about it. At one point, they were visiting in the Laurentides ( north of Montreal, Quebec, far from their own home) and for a unknown reason, they passed infront of a photolab in a small country town. They tought about the picture (God knows why) and decided to enter to ask about the big picture they wanted. The man, to whom they asked, looked at the picture to realize that it was HIS OWN BROTHER who developped the original picture in TUNESIA !!





It seems that most of the things around me are sheer coincidence, and that I'm deluding myself into finding deeper meaning into them. Which may be the case, or I wanted to see it manifest in that way and my subconscious filter the information around me to seem that way as well, as in the case of the first example. One Saturday afternoon in the summer on 1999, I decide I wanted to tackle a puzzle. I've always been goos at them so thought that a real challenge would be the Riddle of the Sphinx. With my cat Orion by my side I began to seach. First I found a site that said "the secret lies somewhere within a pattern related to the 4 parts of the Sphinx and the signs of the zodiac" and also the major arcana of the tarot. So I got a deck af cards and matched the major arcana symbolicly with the signs of the tarot and came up with 12 cards, all odd. Along the search for more info, I wanted to see how the signs were pattered on a star chart and found something very interesting. The outside of a star chart has a ring with roman numerals and all the signs of the zodiac, layed out in positions of different months of the year, my number in comparison to the were all off my 1, the roman numerals being even. At this point I was also reading a book by Douglas Adam's and rememeber laughing to myself about 42, the answer to life. I've had several people bring that to my attention at various points in my life, and can give relevent examples. While doing more searching on the Sphinx I came upon a site relating the pyramids and the sphinx, where it relates the pyramids to the belt of Orion, position and names are too coincidental. Strangely enough the moniker for the sphinx' position in the sky, in relation to the belt and position of the pyramids, coincides with the great nebula, also known as M42. This number also coincideswith a number I got from the signs by grouping them in accordance with the elements, earth, air, fire, water. In the grouping for my sign, Air = 42. A few days later I decided to look in the bo







of revelations starting with passage 4:2. I've never had any religious beliefs and never attended chuch, except for special occasions. The only belief I tried to keep was finding Christ within yourself, the truth of my situation, or how I deluded myself into this train of thought. When I read I came across something phenomenal not to far in the passage. (sorry, while searching for the direct quote, I accidentally turned to John 4:2 instead, *shrug* why me?) Rev 4:6-4:8 and round about the throne, were 4 beasts...the first beast was like a lion...the second beast like a calf..the third beast had a face as a man...and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle....and the four beasts had each of them six wings about him. Now I ask you this, why is this direct reference to the sphinx in the bible? What relevence does in have? Reading this passage bothered me so much considering some of the other ordered, encrypted chaos I have experienced along the same lines. I stood up, went to the bathroom to splash myself with some cold water to wake myself from my living dream only to realize more of this insanity. I saw my necklace standing out like a beacon through the water trickling down my face, the diamond cut surface of the silver eagles wings glittering in the light of the bathroom lights, causing me to take inventory of my other apparel. My gold and onyx ring with the etched "N" and the lion wearing his regal crown. The titanium septum ring. and Myself wearing my Six Flags(wings?) shirt. These only helped add to my confusion, was the universe trying to tell me that he who will sit upon the throne is none other than myself? Please send insights an opinions, or you can just write and call me the ultimate in blasphemers, but what I have just written is the truth as I observed it. I'll send more exaples if you'd like for they permeate my life.






I frequently have synchronicities very similar to Carole's story of 03-15-01, in which an obscure word or number will pop up in a bizarre way. These occurances are too bizarre to be mere coincidence, yet they appear to be somewhat trivial--at least, there is usually no significant consequence to the incident, other than its awe inspiring and bizarre nature. SO WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!??






A lot of people have interesting coincidences happen to them, like opening a dictionary to look up a word, and find that you have opened the book to exactly the right page and the first word you look at is the one you were looking for--that's a fun coincidence. But often with me, it's much more profound, for instance, "the bizarre phone call scenario": I was working in my office when I came across an old note about a particular picture that a potential customer wanted nearly a year ago. The phone number was on it, and I thought, "that never panned out, I should follow up on it to see if I can turn it into a sale." As I reached for the phone to call them, the phone rang, I picked it up, and it was that very person, calling me to order the photo. After eight months! What does that mean?! Did that person, thinking about the photo, cause me to think about them? Or did me finding the scrap of paper and thinking about them cause them to think of me?





All the synchronicities that seem to happen to me don't appear to have any significant message--they just seem to be bizarre things, but overall, not clearly meaningful. A spiritual connection? What could God have been trying to say to me by having a customer call me, out of the blue, at the moment I was reaching for the phone to call them, after an eight month passage in time? Or, what is the message when I'm sitting at my desk, addressing a package to a customer, and at the exact moment that I start to write the obscure name of their town, the person on the radio announces the very same unusual word in a different context. Trivial? Insignificant? Maybe. My examples surely are bizarre, but the incidences don't appear to have any practical function or purpose, other than to make me wonder, in awe, what they're supposed to mean. How many of you frequently have a "word of the day", an obscure name or number that, out of the blue, keeps popping up, with no apparent purpose? To me it's not spooky or haunting, it's fascinating, intriquing; there's got to be more to find out about it--it's like we're just getting a glimpse of something...






Hi everyone!


In recent years, I have experienced a fair pile of synchronicities, and I always find them fascinating. I have also discovered a knack for observing synchronicities in other people's lives, which they may not notice, themselves (until I point them out...lol!).


One of my first (observed), and most 'out there' synchronistic experiences came in 1995, at a time when I was reeling from an overpowering attraction to a beautiful German girl, with whom I'd had a brief relationship several months before. We'd never done more than talk, and had a couple of outings, during which I'd struggled to keep up my end of the conversation while drowning in her endless blue eyes and penetrating perfume! Still, something always seemed to hold me back from taking the initiative, physically - perhaps I knew inside we were only to teach each other...


It was a sweltering day in June, 1995. I was on an outing with a close friend (not a common thing, as I have a good dose of social phobia), and I'd decided to become inconspicuous - leaning against a mailbox at the front of the mall - while he popped into it for me (sparing my phobia, kind lad).


As I squinted in the blazing noonday sun, my thoughts fell on that German girl - as they so often did - and I suddenly decided to watch for her car.


Now, there was no reason whatsoever for her little red car to be expected to appear before me, at lunchtime on a busy Main street! Still, I noted calmly in my head, "Her car will be the third red one.", and I calmly began counting the cars that passed before me.


One red car... Two... Three...


There she was! In her little red car!


It was then as though time had slowed: I gazed into her window, and noticed that she hadn't seen me, so I said in my mind "Hello." - and at that moment her head turned. She looked directly at me - as though I'd been speaking to her in the passenger seat!

She looked shocked, and instantly slowed the car to a stop - pulling over to the side of the road (against regulations...lol) she then swung around in her seat and stared intensely at me, seeming to wait for me to enter. It was hot, and I was sweaty - The wind had messed my hair - I felt ugly - She didn't REALLY like me - I wasn't good enough for her...


I feigned detachment, not moving an inch. Finally, she turned back around and drove off. I never saw her again.


For years, I cried every time I thought of how I'd let her get away. I would never forgive myself...


Fortunately, now - six years later - I omly rarely pine for her - Recognizing our basic incompatibilities outside the haze of romance has since granted me some peace... (Well, barring the anguish that arises from my current love-interest - a shy little French girl - and the synchronicities connected therein - But that's another story...lol! Take care, all! :) (December 24, 1:26am AST)  This is the year 2001, BTW :)


H. Cluney

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