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Synchronicity Stories 2


So, my good friend Shannon and I were exploring a pretty neat used furniture store. Trinkets and knick-knacks galore. ALL of that day I had a song stuck in my head. I couldn't figure out who it was by or what song it was  but as I was walking around it hit me like a semi that it was the ending of a Rod Stewart song. This is sorta random for me because I don't really listen to much Rod but it's a great song. Anyways before i could figure it out i was freaking out trying to remember the name of it and all that. So we drove home and i youtubed and googled for a bit and it was "Maggie May" .... the great guitar or mandolin at the end. SUCCESS. Maybe 4 days later i went back to the same store with another friend Beka who seems to be a synchronicity magnet, along with myself. We walked in and within the first 8 seconds I realized that freaking Maggie May was playing in that store!! In complete disbelief I explained this story to Beka and i still can't believe the coincidence. I'm gonna have to do some research on the song and all that, see if it's a little more relevant!


my best friend and i are cleaning out her attic and i found a note  i had written her on may tenth a year ago. the date we found it... may tenth a year later.


the day after my cat died i bought my dad a tea inffuser. On the package it said jasmine tea inffuser. later on that day i went to the store and some stickers caught my eye. jasmine from aladdin. that night as i was washing dishes i noticed a trinket from a doll set that i had when i was little. it was a watering bucket with january and jasmine written on it. on new years eve i was talking to my friend about my cats death, asked her if she had ever lost a pet. "yeah when i was eight my dog, jasmine died." what are the odds? As soon as she said that i felt it all through my body. tinglies and head clenches. Its mind blowing! the significance of jasmine has yet to play out. my third eye is wide open.


TV show "Married with Children" had an episode where Kelly got tickets to a Cubs game, but they have to watch the game from on top of a balcony from outside Wrigley field because Al not allowed in the staduim ever since his fan interfernce cost the Cubs a trip to the world series, this show aired around 1989. Little deja vu in reverse. some where somebodies come up with a time machine, or maybe time is an illusion as has been claimed.      Simon from Caly


I once had bought an extra movie ticket and wanted to get rid of it, i believed (for no reason) that i might be able to sell it to someone, and a guy turned up alone to see that movie, unusual in our part of the town but true.



A guy with a mountain of synchronicities, such as Warren and lotto numbers, 50 days before guy turns 50 2 5-0 NFL teams play, the following year same 2 teams play, on that day when they play in "08" the  boys of summer are playing their last game at Yankee stadium, it will be 73 days before guys BD. Crazy the fact that guy has a picture of his grandfather showing the Babe how to swing a golf club and the final score of the game is ....


the name is Robert 50 days before I turned 50 2 5-0 NFL teams were playing, the following year "08" those same two teams are playing, they were both 2-0 on that day that they played, the Yankess were playing their last game at Yankee stadium, being three weeks earlier in the football season that made it 73 days before the guys BD, since it was a leap year, 23 days earlier in the calendar, what was the final score of that baseball game, strange considering the guys got a picture of his grandfarther showing a guy by the name of George Herman how to swing a golf club, yes that one. all true and verifiable 1 of 100


Having been a news reporter and columnist for many years, one of the wildest stories I ever came across was from a veteran reporter who was working for a Dallas, Texas paper during November of 1963. His editor HATED President Kennedy, and on that fateful day, their paper was about to go to press when they heard the President had been assassinated, just down the street from them. The editor loathed Kennedy so much, he planned to place the story at the BOTTOM of the front page! The reporter I talked to said he argued with his editor for NEARLY AN HOUR to get him to place the story and headline at the top banner of the front page.
President Kennedy had been warned repeatedly that he shouldn't go to Dallas--to say that he was hated by many of the bigwigs there at the time is a gross understatement--yet, he went, in a Ford convertable of all things.
You can also read my weekly column "Points To Ponder" at


A few weeks ago, I saw a fella I found attractive at a cafe I frequent. I hadn't seen him prior and was on a date at the time. I also wouldn't have said anything because I'm shy.

On friday night (halloween), I was drunk and walked out of a venue with my friend. I see a cute guy and walk up to him. We talk for a minute and then I kissed him. We exchanged names and numbers, then I walked back to my friend's house. Woke up the next morning and got lunch in the afternoon.

We tried going to one place but it was too crowded. Then, I went to my fav cafe and saw the guy who I had seen a few weeks ago. I didn't think much of it and got in line to order. I then hear my name and it's the cute guy. Apparently, it was him who I kissed while tipsy. He was interested in talking with me more and sat with us.

The place I saw him the night prior was not in the same area and it was a very crowded place. Very strange! Not sure if he'll call me to hang out, but curious to see how he is and if there's anything about our energies that want to cling to eachother.


Where do I start.....over the last two years I have experienced synchronicity on a level that has blown my mind!  it is daily! First let it be known I am a teacher of LOA so I beleive that I am recivng as I am very tapped into the possibility of it occurring in my life.  It started two years ago when I started receiving the same number sequences 119 and 1111.  I would be bombarded with this number up to ten to twenty times a day.  It was always given to me, it a message or a sign, namely concepts of trust, faith.  I have actually just been lead to a quote in the bible through synchronicity which showed me the meaning of the number is ask and you shall receive.  Anyway to tell you of just one story, last weeks one, in setting up my business I knew I had to start marketing it.  I left my job for the last day to focus on this (A leap of faith!) I walked outside and was handed a random flier saying we will market your business!  I dont ring pamphlets but it kept bugging me so I relented.  I spoke to this woman who did her sales pitch.  I was reluctant to say at this stage that my business was teaching Law of attraction as it was too early in the conversation and more just wanted to know if she could asist me.  Anyhow, half way in I ended up blurting out, look this is what I do,  I told her and she went silent on the phone! I thought oh god, Ive freaked her out as its such a new concept for some.  As it turns out though, she had just finished reading the book and had asked for someone to come into her life and help her with some major blocks she had!  She suggested we do a service swap, ie I coach her and she markets my business!  ANYWAY!!!! it dosnt end there.  I excitedly rang my business partner to tell her and my partner was a bit blocked about the affair, she felt we did not need help....I understood as she had not experienced the synchro so could not really feel or relate it it.  Two hours later my business partner rang me saying you are not going to believe this......she had started a coffee group six months early on meetup.com for her area.  There were twelve members and this flier lady happened to be the first person to join!  Now I will tell you, there are 1 million people in my city and twelve in her group so do the math.....needless to say we listened to what this woman offered our business and it completely changed the whole landscape of our approach! honestly this is just one out of a very big box!!!!! i couldn't write them all. All I know is that they are everywhere and so amazing.  No matter how much that happens to me, I am never desensitized to them....   


I perform as the Unicycle-riding superhero, Pink Man.  Sometimes I flap my arms when I ride, which has made people for years call me Flamingo.  My good friend Mike Wheeler, nicknamed the Wheel, told me the famous Pink Flamingo plastic lawn ornament is originally designed and manufactured in our Hometown, Leominster, MA. Made by Union Products.  So, The Wheel told me, the wheel-riding 'flamingo' about the pink one being made there by Union (read Uni-On)products.

(Note to Pink Man; Thank you, I'm honored you shared your story here. :-)  )
(Note to readers; I looked up Pink Man on the net. There is a lot of info and even videos of him.
I want to share this particularly nice story in The Berkeley Daily Planet:
http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2002-05-30/article/12284?headline=Pink-Man-returns-to-Berkeley-in-multimedia-show )


A couple of months ago, two friends and I were tubing down the salt river.  We had a radio with us, and the classic rock station was doing their A to Z weekend thing, where they would play their entire music library in alphabetical order.  After playing "Lady" by Styx, they said that after the commercial break, they would play some Stones and some Beatles.  We correctly guessed they would be "Lady Jane" and "Lady Madonna".  As "Lady Jane" came on, a ladybug landed on my hand.  I showed it to my friend John, who took it and showed it to his girlfriend.  Then the ladybug flew back to me, and it accidentally landed in my beer.  I figured what the hell, and just drank the beer anyway.  I drank the ladybug.


(Note to readers: Many of the stories people have sent me are also synchronicities to me. One day I will go through and try to add my synchs to each story. For now I'll add the ones from this story. First, I lived in Arizona and also "tubed" the salt river. Second, ladybugs have a special meaning for me. Though not in an "edible" sort of way. LOL)

When I had attempted suicide, I took an overdose of 8 painkiller pills (Aka: Vikodin) and after I overdosed on the pills my body became really numb and I felt really sleepy.  My senses were fading and I could barely hear anything.  So I started freaking out, regreting what I have done and I tried throwing up the pills but only one came out.  So I called the ambulance and a friend, and I layed on my couch waiting. Time seemed to me to be going by very slowly.  So after being in the hostpital and puking up charcoal and going as in-patient, is when my synchronicity began.  I was supposed to be in patient for 7 days but I got out early. I got out on my 3rd day.  When I got out, out of all my friends, my most positive/happy/good/influential friend called me.  And I thought that was weird cause I was just thinking about her.  And so I decided to go to the movies with her and my parents.  And in the movie there was a line that said "Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and the present is a gift." and I was blown away by that line, thinking how weird.  So after me and my parents decided to go to pizza hut for dinner. And the weird thing about this was that it was a weekend day and around 5:00 and we were the only customers in there.  And what made this even more bizarre was that our waiter was the most bubbliest person ever, portraying good self-esteem and reciting her poems to us.  It made the three of us smile and lift up our spirits.  And what stunned me the most, was that the poem that she last recited was about her sister whom died 6 months ago. and saying how she missed her dearly.  But the woman over all, she was amazing! She was the most happiest person I've ever seen in my life.  I considered all those moments as odd coincidences because there were a lot of positive messages being sent to me in different forms....the day I get out of in-patient.  I was really blown away by this...I never thought that I had someone watching over me and willing to help me out and guide me.


Print this, I've got a 1,000 of'em California winning lotto numbers "9/12/01" 3-9-13-12-24-30, winning lotto numbers 2/14/98 12-24-30-48-27-33, special event for me noticed immediately, 27 towers age also 3x3x3 33 you know why special or esle you should, 30 message number multipples of 6's 1998 3x666 numbers from 9/12, 3 multoiples of 6's also 3 and 13, special numbers but how bout the 9 let's take the 9x666 and see if the towers don't connect with Pearl, see it. This ain't no I was thinking about so and so and then they called type thing.


California synchro boy believes he will over the near future throw out versus numerous verifiable synchronicities which bring him much ridicule from his associates in the normal realm, 2 less incredible of hundreds of "coincidences". Parents have 2 kids Bob and John, mother turns 30 6/68, father turns 30 11/63, only male cousin on father's side, born 11/22, the same year boys family move from Warren township N.J. to Warren county N.J.. Who can guess what year? Many other stories involving the number 30 and the family eluded to, Synchro boy from California could use help. 100's of synchronicity stories


This is my grown son's story, but he would never post it, so I will.  (He didn't tell me about this right away because of the subject matter.)  He dreamt one night about a female elementary school teacher that he hadn't seen or even thought of in many years.  He's 25 now and was his current age in the dream.  She was flirting with him and being very suggestive and it made him uncomfortable.  (Let me emphasize that this teacher had never, ever done anything the least bit suggestive in real life.)  He told his sister about the dream and she just laughed and teased him.  It got them talking about this teacher, though, whom they had both had and had both liked and who had been a brand new teacher when they had been in elementary school.  They Googled her name to see if they could find her and her name and her husband's name came right up due to the fact that in recent years they have developed a home business that involves a sex toy they designed.  Needless to say both of my kids were floored.  I don't know if this is synchronicity or ESP, but it's weird.  My son is the most down to earth, straight as an arrow guy, who just shakes his head in disbelief when I ask him how he can explain this.  I don't think he wants to admit to ESP but we are running out of explanations!


The observation of synchronicities were completely new for me.  Thru my observation, I realized I was having a sequence of synchronicities that were generated thru a wide range of catalysts: a vision, a voice , a song, an emotion with another, ect. (too much to write about in this venue).  I read a book and read that synchronicities could come from dreams.  "Hmmm......"I thought.  A dream synchronicity should be next".
I specifically told Darren, a friend of mine, about some incredible synchronicities that had gone on between a childhood friend of mine, Janet.  Janet and I were experiencing the same emotions and thoughts at the same time, even though we live 700 miles apart.  Darren callously brushed it off as being "in-synch" with a friend.
He gave me an example.  "Sometimes I go to call my significant other, but before I can dial out on the phone, I realize my other half is on the line.  But I didn't hear the phone ring", Darren states.
I wake up early the next morning.  I have nothing to do as it is too early in the morning to conduct business.  I decide to call my friend, Janet, and tell her about the conversation between Darren and I.  I want to tell her the story about the "phone not ringing".
Her phone rings, but she doesn't answer.  It goes to voice mail.  I leave a message for her to call me.
She doesn't.  I call back a few hours later.  She answers.  I am just about to tell her the conversation between Darren and I and a "phone not ringing".  Before I can tell her my story, she interrupts me and states, "Wait!  I had a dream".
"What about", I ask.
"I had a dream about a construction worker remodeling my house.  He looked at me and said, "are you going to get that?".
"Get what?",  Janet inquired.
Another worker in the house smiled and asked her again, "are you going to get that?"
"Get what?",  Janet asked again.
In real life the phone rang, waking her up.  She allowed the call to go to voice mail.  It was me calling.  I was calling her to tell her a story about a phone not ringing as she was having a dream about a phone not ringing..........and I hadn't told any of this to Janet beforehand.
And this was less than 24 hours after I noted in my journal a "dream synchronicity" would be next....



I'm not sure if you still edit your site, I didn't check the date, but here are a few syncronicities in my life that I remember. The towns I reference are in Minnesota where I live. I found your site looking for a more scientifically verified archive of sychronicities, which I still think would be cool to find. I mean, with an open system, you never know who could randomly enter a lie, but I've still been reading the examples.

  1. I get stranded at the government center in Elk River and have to walk 7 miles home to Big Lake. On the way I stop at a gas station and buy a sobe energy drink. Underneath the cap I find the phrase "It's a walk-off!"

  2. I'm randomly looking up Hinduism on Wikipedia, researching Shiva, when I go to the page of a related hindu god, Brahma. I swivel my computer chair around to get up and get a drink of water and on the table is a box that says "Brahma". It had been sitting there for a week or so but I'd never noticed it. A box of Brahma brand boots that my brother bought.

   3. I had done mescaline a few days earlier, so while I was smoking weed I started to have mild "flashback" type visuals, sitting in a parked car. First I saw faces and the like, but my attention was drawn to the light. I began to see the beams coming off the light not as light but as rows of people lined up and, when they reached the bright light center, they were dissolving into the light. I thought of having to sacrifice yourself for pure light/energy/knowledge/love, etc. and I thought of the difference between artificial light and the sun. The next day when searching the net I found this painting.


   4. This began a long time ago when I lived in Big Lake. I've only been living in Monticello for less than 2 years, but this started possibly as long as 4 years ago. I would always see this particular guy in Big Lake, at Coborns. Random short guy with black hair. Then I started seeing him also at Cub Foods in Monticello, even before I lived in Monticello, but those were the only 2 places I'd see him. I didn't know him or talk to him or anything. After seeing him X number of times I decided, jokingly to myself in my head, that he was a spy. Later on I see him pulling out of the Cub Foods parking lot. First time I've seen him in a car. Then I notice that on the back windsheild there's a huge sticker, that said SPY, The clothing brand, I'm pretty sure for snowboarders. That all happened while I lived in Big Lake. Since I've moved to Monticello I've only seen him a few times at Cub Foods, but then 2 days ago he came into my work and asked for an application.

 5. James and I were recording a song on my computer. We were looking at the music-wave patterns that show up on my audio recorder, and he says, in his way of saying random things that pop into his head, "That'd be cool if there was like a dude with his mouth open and the music waves came out of them." After we finished the song we watched an animation on youtube, and that animation reminded me of another one. Halfway through that one comes on a character that I had not remembered, and definately not chosen the video for, because I chose the video based on it being similar to the first animation. The character was a man who opened his mouth and out came a music-wave.



 I had a dream after my father died of cancer. In the dream, I opened the door to his bedroom and a kitten walked out and stared directly into my eyes for a few moments. The kitten was the size of a medium dog and had a distinctive pattern.  After I woke up, I thought the dream was a message from my dad. I wanted to adopt a kitten like the one in my dream but couldn't remember the pattern.  The kitten reminded me of a tiger, lion, etc.  One year later, I gave up on trying to find the kitten in my dream and was about to adopt a kitten I saw on the internet. It was my birthday and the kitten was my present. The kitten who didn't remind me of my dream cat was gone when we arrived at the pet store. I was thinking of adopting his sister but my husband talked me out of it because we were going away for a couple of days. Late that night, my son knocks on my door and his girlfriend is holding this tiny kitten. They found the kitten playing with a decoration ribbon streamer hanging from my door. I couldn't believe my eyes. THIS WAS THE KITTEN IN MY DREAM AND THE PATTERN WAS A GIRAFFE PATTERN. As soon as I saw the kitten, I remembered the pattern in the dream. The only difference was my dream cat was HUGE not tiny. We named him NEMO because he found me.  I did discover where he came from and it was down the block from my house.  Some people threw him out who lived down the block from me.


My first day at work I was asked to put in order a series of library cards, as a sort of a test. When I was finished I happened to read what was written on the top card. It was dated 1983 and on it, hand written, was my home address, even down to the right apartment number. (In the corner of the card was written "form no. 23") By the way 23 is the ever occuring grand number of synchronicity... If anyone has had any even minor coincidental experiences involving the number 23 please post them, or E mail me!
























































Cierto día me sentía especialmente tenso y con muchos problemas que resolver. Me encontraba en el centro de la ciudad comprando, pero no tenía ganas de hacer nada, salvo ir a casa i dormir. De pronto me di cuenta que estaba en un costado de una avenida con muchas señales de restricciones (no estacionar, no virar, no ...). Me dio un escalofrio al ver esto y me acordé de Jung. Luego me fui a casa, claro, sin terminar de hacer lo que estaba haciendo pero más relajado.





   I have been having a lot of "beheading" synchronicities. Media seems to be saturated.




ACE on the side of a truck in large black letters in the morning.....that evening's Pick 3 numbers were 513





 This synchronicity started a ten year thing trail of events from missing a train. I met a guy named Ed on the platform. His sister became my best friend. Ed and I were both moving to CA that October. I got pregnant a year later by someone I didn't know, ended up in NJ with an unsuportive family. Made out my will because I could see no way out. I prayed alot for a job I could take my baby to so she could always be with me. His sister one day said she knew someone who needed a babysitter for $3.00/hr. I took it. But I still desperately needed to get out of my parents house. I prayed again with my last strength. This lady's x-husband heard my plight but regretted he'd just rented a run-down little place to his friend; he wished he'd known a week sooner. Coincidentally, his friend decided not to take the place and moved to Florida. I got the place. I had no car. The gas station man next door was from Turkey and I gave him a bowl of soup one icy day and he lent me his car, gave me $50.00 when my electricity was about to be shut off and I never even asked him, then, when I got a car upon my father's death, the Turkish guy was transferred, just as I didn't "need" him anymore. I was ready for an office job now but needed certain odd hours and close by because my car was so old, and high pay to feed the two of us. I got one a mile from my home that fired me just as a better job came along. I'm manifesting money and a right relationship now as I am finally ready for both.





      I've been so lax in writing my stories. I've had SOOOoo.......many! But, Sunday, Easter 1998, I had an interesting one. I had been missing my family lately and reflecting on Easters past. I was sitting on the couch and couldn't find the TV remote. I reached into the couch cushions, like I've done so often, and felt a bulge inside one of the cushions. I realized immediately what it must be and unzipped the cushion. I was right, it was an old, hidden but never found, plastic Easter egg. The couch was my mother's before she died so I feel maybe it was her way of reminding that I'm never alone.



I have a lot of incidences of Synchronicity. But the one that sticks out in my mind the most, happened about 5 or 6 years ago when I was in my mid teens. I had a dream that the doorbell rang. And since my room is closest to the door, I answered it. When I did, I saw this man that I had not seen in at least 2 or 3 years. At that exact moment the doorbell woke me up. Of course I answered it because everyone else in my house was sleeping and it was him. I almost fell over. Since then, I relized this kind of stuff happens to me all the time.





   This is a message to direct you to a much larger story than one which could be posted here. I am now posting a book I wrote called Along the New Silk Road which is about a very intense trip I took to India in late 1995. While the trip was only two weeks long, in all it took me about two years to explain why it was so meaningful. Much synchronicity, paranormal and supernatural-miraculous activity. Check it out at the url above...





     It was nearly a year ago( May 22, 1998) I received my first 'email letter from Dani acknowledging that I was the first person ever to post a coincidence on her synchronicity page. Before I list my coincidence with her, I want to acknowledge to her and the rest of those who read this page, what a valuable contribution she has made in my life. She helped me put my first internet novel on the web, for which I am most grateful and appreciative. She has been a wonderful friend.

The book on the internet lists the author as "Klint of Denmark". One day I was studying her name Dani. Isn't it strange that the first four letters of her name are the first four letters of of the word Danish. The next thing I noticed was that her guestbook was established on April 11,1998. I had a four year old daughter born on April 11, 1964 who died four years later. My wife's birthday is also April 11th. This leaves me speculating on the possibility that Dani could be the reincarnation of my daughter born 4-11-54. I wish all her dreams might come true. Clint Blauer.



  I had a dream a few years back which included an aquaintance I went to school with years ago, perhaps over 20 years. I had not thought of or seen this person in many, many years. The next day I was late going to work and as I drove hurriedly to be on time, I decided spur of the moment to take a side street which I had never been down before. I thought it might be a shortcut that could get me to work on time. I turned down the street impulsively, only to find very quickly that it was a deadend. As I turned my car around to continue back up the street, I noticed the name of the first side street before the end of this road. It was the same as the last name of the old aquantance who appeared in my dream the night before. In looking back on this experience many of the visual details which I encountered on this little adventure, seemed to enhanced a thought process which was being explored though the orignal dream the night before. This experience helped me "know" something I had been working on understanding in a more concrete and experiential way. I do not believe there is anything mystical or majic about these experiences. I believe they are yet another means by which we "converse" with ourselves in an attempt to find meaning in our lives and the world around us. This, I believe, is the truely "majical" aspects of these experiences.





 in 1990 I was living in Mobile Alabama I decided to join a civil war reenacment group. Trying to find a way to contact the local group I decided to call the head of the group in my home town, Dothan Al, some 150 miles away. The head of this group was the twin brother of an old friend of mine. I was going to Dothan that week and called him and asked if we could meet. He said no as he was going to be out of town. I went to Dothan that week and was returning to Mobile.


  About half way there I decided to stop and get Gas. When I did I noticed the Guy at the other pump was my old friend or his twin brother! it was the brother who was returning from a trip to Pensacola, so I got to have the meeting in an unexpected place and time.



So, my good friend Shannon and I were exploring a pretty neat used furniture store. Trinkets and knick-knacks galore. ALL of that day I had a song stuck in my head. I couldn't figure out who it was by or what song it was  but as I was walking around it hit me like a semi that it was the ending of a Rod Stewart song. This is sorta random for me because I don't really listen to much Rod but it's a great song. Anyways before i could figure it out i was freaking out trying to remember the name of it and all that. So we drove home and i youtubed and googled for a bit and it was "Maggie May" .... the great guitar or mandolin at the end. SUCCESS. Maybe 4 days later i went back to the same store with another friend Beka who seems to be a synchronicity magnet, along with myself. We walked in and within the first 8 seconds I realized that freaking Maggie May was playing in that store!! In complete disbelief I explained this story to Beka and i still can't believe the coincidence. I'm gonna have to do some research on the song and all that, see if it's a little more relevant!

The other day while riding to a friends house sting of incidents happened that I thought were pretty cool... First, before leaving I got high - yes, I feel that smoking marijuana helps me see the interesting and beautiful side of life including synchronicities. Being the passanger in the car I got bored and reached over to tune the radio to 1620 AM as recommended by the construction area sign we had passed. I turned the radio up and the first thing we heard was "Marijuana" as a news story was ending. I then tuned to the AM station and picked up the looped broadcast just as it was starting, but didn't realize it was the beginning until it looped again. Later in that same trip, we were passing a reservoir. I looked over the water to the right just in time to see a fish jumping. And then a few minutes later we were crossing a small town with 2 red lights and one railroad track. The first light was red and the traffic was backed up to the tracks. There was just enough room for one more car. As we began crossing the tracks the lights came to life and the road closed, approaching train bars began to drop - making us the last car to get thru before the slow and lengthy train came rumbling thru.


It was quite a fascinating commute.

Scott R.



   December 10, 2002

A couple of months after an unprecedented "enlightened" few week period for me in the fall of 2000, I was returning to my more familiar state of uncertainty and anxiety. In a rare (for me) act of desparation, I asked for a sign before leaving my home. Something to put me back on track.

I had been brought up Roman Catholic and during that enlightened phase had felt a reconnection to some parts of Chritianity, but for most of the last decade I'd been an agnostic, a self-proclaimed atheist at times. I no longer prayed. I no longer went to religious services. By that point I had lost the connected feelings that had me so excited just a couple of months prior.


    So, out the door and into my car and off to the bank to get some cash. In goes my ATM card, out comes the cash, and the top bill has stamped on it, in red ink, something I've never seen stamped on a bill before (or since): "God loves you"





because of the popularity of the tv show "CSI", i'm sure many people have had the startling experience of seeing a recent show focusing on the poison ricin, and then reading about the same toxin in the headlines. for me, it was even worse than that... the day after watching the show, i checked out a book from the library by an author i had never read before, in which a murderer uses ricin to kill someone. also, i've just bought some land, and in looking through some of the information provided by the dnr for reforresting, i came across a reference to castor beans and ricin. (i'm really not sure that castor beans are even native to my area!) all of this isn't that odd as far as my synchronicities usually go, it's just the one on my mind, being the most recent.





   you guys ever have a wierd coincidence happen, that you had to stop and think about it cuz it was so random. like all the little 'at the time' meaningless circumstances that occur to make the general outcome occur. like i was thinking about this girl i dated back in high school, just a random thought, its been like 5yrs since ive seen her. nothing made me think of her, i was just day dreaming and i thought of her. well about 3-4hrs later she logs online. that was the first time i saw her online in prolly 2yrs. i dont even know why i still got the screen name on my buddy list. i just found it wayyyy wierd, that she signed online, and i had thought about her hours earlier. well later on that day my cousin calls, wants me to go out to a movie. i had no plan on goin to a movie, i was gonna study for a test i had the next day, but i was like sure ill come. well we were goin to our normal theatre when we saw the road was closed, and we decided to goto the theatre accross town. when we get inside the theatre, and we're sitting down in our chairs. 2 guys walk into the theatre. 1 of those guys was the girls boyfriend that i mentioned above, when she broke up with me. so i always hated that fuck. so now, i think about the girl, she signs online, and then out of the blue i see the boyfriend she dumped me for. all in the same day. and i wouldnt have seen him if we didnt go to the other theatre accorss, town.. u know cuz the road was being worked on... well this gets better. the day previous to all this happening, i was at the bar with some buddies and all of a studden some girl walks buy, all sassy like, and i go to my friend "she would make a good Flapper" (we were drunk, and bullshitting) u know flappers from the 30's and 40's... the whores, hookers, whatever. well at that time we obvisouly dont think anymore about it..... but the next day, after the movie i go out to the local bars again. and BAM! we see 2 flappers walking around. they were in full costume!! we went up to talk to them , telling them we were just talking about flappers the day before, and how odd it is to see them the very next day. and them a guy there were with comes over ... he was dressed like a gangsta, they all had some play they were in. well that guy dressed like a gangsta i knew. he knew me too, we havent seen eachother in 5-6years. the best part, he was dating the girl i mentioned above, and after they broke up, the only reason i talked to her is cuz she found out i was friends with her ex. so basically everything that happened is tied into the girl. its like someone is trying to tell me something...




   Seven years after the death of this man I was still yearning for his love... One day, his birthday, I sat down to write him a letter to tell him how much he was still part of me, and how much alive he is for me... I ended my letter asking for a present. I asked him to let me know that I was not delusional, that love does not die and that I was still as much a part of him as he was of me. I wrote to him that I thought I had a tangible sign from him once before, and I was asking for another one...

A week later I went to the movies with a girl-friend. It was a film with Marcello Mastroiani "Fantasma D'Amore" ("Ghost of Love"), and it was the greatest gift I could get from the other side! It was more than just an answer to my letter, but you won't understand, unless you go see that movie.






      Like any other day i woke up, i got ready, and i went to school I think it was October 8 (2002). A period before lunch time i saw my cousin Chris and i was hungry so we decided to take an early lunch. We walked to a nearby McDonald's and just sat there talking and eating. All of a sudden i looked up and i saw one of my good friends Annie, i was surprised to see her because she went to a different school. So then the three of us just sat there and talked, a few minutes later i looked up again and i saw him... I saw him standing there looking at me...I saw Fer. It had been months since we talked or since i had even seen him, he was the last person i was expecting to see and there he was, looking at me. I stood up, walked up to him, and for a couple of seconds, we just stared into each other's eyes... "Mar, will you come with me?" he asked. Without knowing where i said "Yes". So the three of us left with no particular place to go. After lunch we dropped off Annie. We were pretty much driving aimlessly, so then we went to Fer's cousin Mike's house for awhile but then he had to go to work so we left. So then Fer said that we should go to his friends house. When we got there, nobody was there. He had moved. Then we were leaving and my cousin saw a guy she knew from summer school(Joe) . Joe said he knew a place where we could hang out but he had to drop off his stuff first. So we drove to his apartment and i looked up again and i saw a guy that used to go to our school, his name was Hector. I guess he dropped out cuz he had a baby and there he was. So anyways Hector brought down his baby so we could see him. His baby was really cute. Then Joe came down and we left...It turns out that Joe was cousin's with Martin, a guy my friend Lilly was totally in love with. There were a lot of weird coincidences that day, it seemed like everytime i looked up there was someone i knew. Out of all the days, out of all the Mcdonalds, i see Fer. (Its a really long and complicated story with him). That whole day seemed like Fate.





  I spent the summer before my senior year of high school in summerschool.

At that time, I had a boyfriend I had been with for two years and wanted to break up with because I knew I didn't want to marry him and two years was enough. In this class I met a guy I really wanted to get to know better. He passed me a note and asked me out; but I had to tell him I had a boyfriend. This guy went to a different highschool in a different region of the state; so I knew I'd never see him again and didn't think about it again until many many years later......


 About ten years later, after my divorce, I joined an online dating service. I started dating one of the guys I had been introduced to through this service after cooresponding with him among others via email. While I was dating him (David), I continued to get email from one of the other guys even though I told him I was seeing someone else. About 5 or 6 months later, David and I broke up. He was a really nice guy; but I just didn't think our relationship was lifetime material. So I started answering the other guy's emails. We started talking on the phone and he emailed me a picture of himself. He looked familiar; but I just assumed I must have seen his picture on the website when I joined up. Then something he said in an email and I don't even remember what it was made me take another look at his picture. I suddenly realized he was the guy in that summerschool class many years ago. When I asked him he confirmed that that was him. Our first date was unlike any other. I felt like I knew him from BEFORE that summerschool class. I think the timing was perfect because had I not married my first husband before I married him I wouldn't have my son....I wouldn't have any son because he can't have children.







This is about my children and my grandparents. My mother's mother passed away while I was 5 months pregnant for my first child. My grandmother, we called her MeMe, was a very kind harted soul. She never raised her voice, nor became upset about anything. She was very soft spoken and a very compassionate person. Like I was saying, she passed away while I was awaiting my first child. On January 20, 1996, I had a baby boy. We named him Joshua. He was a happy bundle of joy. Josh is 7 years old now, and I find it amazing the resemblence there is between him and my grandmother. Most people do not believe in reincarnation, and I never did before I had children. As I watch Josh grow, he is so very much like my grandmother. For a boy of his age, he is soft harted, easily hurt, and very compassionate. While I was awaiting my second child, Josh was 3 years old. During the morning sickness, he wuld sneak into the bathroom, and rub my back, or just hiold me. For a child of this age, this amount of compasssion is unbelievable.

The story does not end there. While I was 6 months pregnant for my second child, my father's mother passed away. While I loved my grandmother, Ishe was a hard woman. She had been through two abusive marriages before my father graduated from high school. She was very self sufficient, and had a stubborn streak. She was an independent person, and everything always had to be her way. On January 7, 1999 I gave birth to my daughter. She was barely four LBS, and was strugglig to survive. She came home from the hospital weighing only 3 LBS, and by 3 months, had contracted a viral infection that almost killed her. At that age, she began life over again at 5 LBS. My little girl has been a fighter ever since. She is so stubborn, and can sometimes be mean. She is so independent, and quite a spitfire. I believe this is my grandmother. If anyone were to ever tell me different, they lied.





     This happened about 12 or 15 years ago. One time when I was in bed for the night I had trouble falling off to sleep. Many thoughts passed through my mind. For no good reason I thought about beards and moustaches. It crossed my mind that of all the styles of past and present it was never fashionable for any man to ever wear a beard and moustache on one side of his face while leaving the other side clean shaven. I imagined how such a a man would look. Then I kind of laughed because it was a very odd thing to think about. Not many days later I was at a bookstore looking for something to read. I looked through the shelves, scanned a few books, but couldn't find any title that interested me enough to buy it. Then I came to one shelf that had two books just laying on top of the other books on the shelf.I picked up the top book and flipped through the pages. The book was, "Adrift" by Stephen Callahan. On page 337 there is a drawing representing the author after his rescue from his ordeal of being lost at sea for seventy six days. In the drawing he sports a beard and mustache, but only on half his face, the other half of which is clean shaven. I can not think of any reason for this amazing coincidence, but it happened.





     Hi Staff,

   This is Phillip Ghee, a new voice in the often foggy and holier than thou, metaphysical realm. I have a cedar chest full of true yet magical tales which bears investigation. I would love nothing more than for my tales to be debunked. If you'll notice even in writing them I will supply skeptic ammo and try very hard to debunk them myself. Hey! this is a strange mantle to bear. But why don't you have a go at em, in the least, my tales should provide some fun reading.


    Interestingly all these tales I found, very closely follow a predictable pattern set forth by Joseph Campbell in the construction of his classic, 'The Hero's Journey' something of which I did not become aware of until recently. I am always eager to make contacts as well as entertain questions from a new audience. I have a regular column in Cream Webzine: see below, and have a number of tales floating over the Internet as well in hardcopy. I am still trying to figure this stuff out myself. Also I don't seem to age???

Phillip Ghee



 The answer is blowing in the wind: Revelations from a different kind of travel



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  Phillip Ghee's TrueTales:




Phillip Ghee's Feedback Forum:http://www.millenniumartgallery.com/cgi-bin/w3bbs.cgi?set=pg&forum=pg


 I also have other tales appearing in the following e-zines.











     Often I have experiences which I call "Even Steven"-

Here are some examples:

(1) Starving students in Montreal at the time, my husband and I spent our last $50 on wood to build a hutch for our pet rabbit. I was very upset.

The next day, my husband found a gold bracelet in a gutter while walking home. I pawned it and the owner offered me $50.

(2) Being scatter-brained, I walked away from an instant banking machine, leaving behind a $20 bill. Again I was quite upset.

When I got off the bus at my stop, I found a $20 laying on the sidewalk.

(3) A friend of mine was kind enough to lend me a Pentax 35mm camera for my trip to the Laplands in Northern Sweden. He warned me to be careful, since he had lost the lens cover.

Along one of the trails, I saw a lens cover lying in the hiking trail. It was a Pentax cover for a 35mm camera.

(4) My husband and I recently bought a tiny A-Frame cottage on the East Coast of Nova Scotia. I found the property on the internet. It was a dream come true for me...

We wanted to personalize the cottage, so I took down the wallpaper in the kitchen area, only to find that the layer of paper underneath was identical in color and texture to my kitchen cupboards, which I painted by hand 4 years previously. I even took photos I was so astonished.

The layer of paint beneath the present color of the exterior identically matched the color of our house in the city.

The cottage came fully furnished. The kitchen drawers contained the same set of silverware given as a gift to my parents for their wedding. Stamped with the same year, and bearing identical designs.





     This is just unbelievable, I have been interested in synchronicity for I cannot tell you how many years. Tonight it's late, but I though I would just type in the word and hope for the best and I was elated to read all your wonderful stories. Well do I have a story for you, well I have hundreds, but the one I love the best goes like this: One day my dear friend Helen and I were having a coffee, she knew that I had recently been in search of my natural father whom I had never known, and I found him, but that is another story. She asked me if I would be able to search for her long lost sister whom her mother had adopted at birth. Helen had no details because her mother had passed on. All I had was a maiden name, a year of birth and a town, that is all. Unfortunately I did nothing about this Helen moved overseas and I just put the whole thing to the back of my mind until 12 months later we had coffee again, Helen said have you been able to come up with anything, I said I was sorry, but as soon as I got home I was on to it. I got all my paper work out from searching for my dad and I found a phone number, thinking this will be one call of many I would need to make, but no, I got on to a lady called Margaret (same name as my best friend). I told her of the situation and said please what can you suggest, she said oh my godness I have just had that file out and was about to file it away. The sister in question had also been looking for her family and it was an absolute stroke of luck that I rang at that particular time. To cut the story short within 3 hours my friend Helen and her sister were in contact with each other. We had managed to cut through the paperwork, phone calls and the like. That was 10 years ago.

Peace be with you.





     Weird coincidences that bug me.

Istanbul, June 1998 - Cyprus, April 1999

'Birds of America' by Mary MacCarthy read in Istanbul. It was set in the 1950?s.

First, the book portrays an academic making a sociological investigation of tourism.

Shortly after, I met an academic of tourism.

Second, the book mentions a then current 50's Disney film ? ?The Parent Trap?. Shortly after, the remade (1990's version) film was advertised in Cyprus where I was working.

?Paradise Lost? by David Lodge read in Cyprus. An academic making a sociological study of tourism appears.

Third, about the same time in Cyprus, I spotted an advertisement in the literary pages of newspaper, of a new American 'bestseller', called ?Birds of America?; no connection (seemingly) to above McCarthy novel of the same name.

  More recently (06/04/03) in Thailand I opened a letter from an aunt in UK. From inside the envelope fluttered a Phillipino postage stamp (recorded, scanned). There were only two others in the office at the time, both ladies from the Phillipines! Both puzzled as to how it got from my aunt in UK. Neither had any knowledge of the stamp. My aunt in the UK similarly denied any knowledge.


  Any ideas what is going on? None of the events or elements in these strange tales have any particular significance for me. I've got that synching feeling. Tom.






  Courier Mail, Brisbane Australia, 25 February 2004


      Two cute by half, Luke is one of a kind

Leah Moore



 THIS precious bundle is Craig and Rachael Halliday's second son. Hardly something to make the world take notice . . . until you consider the following.


     He was born on Sunday – the 22nd day of the 2nd month. Even more amazing: The birth time was 22:22.  

  And he weighed 2.2kg. Incredibly, when Mr Halliday called up to place a birth notice in The Courier-Mail he was charged . . . $22.20.


       "It really hit home to me when I placed the ad," he said.


   "The other bit was amazing enough but when she told me it was $22.22 rounded to $22.20 I thought, this is unbelievable.


     "I actually thought the woman on the phone was joking because I had just finished telling her the story and giving her the details. But she wasn't, she just said it without realising."


Luke Robert Halliday was born six weeks premature by caesarian section in the North West Brisbane Private Hospital in Everton Park. He is in a humidicrib and expected to be in hospital for a number of weeks. Mother and baby are both doing fine.

 Mrs Halliday said the nurses told her about Luke's auspicious birth time and weight, late on Sunday night. "They said they had double checked and it was all right.


  "I was in and out of consciousness that night so I didn't remember much, but I must have remembered that because it was the first thing I told Craig the next morning."


     The Bunya, west Brisbane, couple, both 32, own an information technology company and Luke is their second son, joining one-year-old Joshua.


Mrs Halliday said: "I think we are going to go and buy a lotto ticket or something and pick lots of twos and 22s."





    December 2nd, 2003. Well, it's been a long time since I've added my own stories here. But I want to share a couple of recent synch's. A few weeks ago I was working in my office. I picked up the phone to make a call but there was no dial tone. I started to reach to hit the button to hang up and try again, when I realized that maybe I had just picked it up right before it rang, I blurted out the name of the company, and suddenly heard my husband's voice say "B?" (one of his many nicknames for me). My husband very, very rarely calls me at work, and I don't make many calls so the odds were amazing that this would happen. Really brightened my day. The second synch happened last month. November 2nd to be exact. It was a Sunday and my husband and I were thinking of things to do. I really wanted to visit the Seattle Aquarium. (A lot has happened in my life over the last two years and I live in Washington State now, having moved from Ohio last year.) Anyway, it took some nudging but finally my husband agreed. We spent a few hours there and I at least, had a great time. I had to work early the next morning so went to bed early. My husband suddenly woke me up very excited, he said, "You won't belive the incredible Synchronicty that just happened!". He said he was just watching the Sci Fi channel series, "Taken" that he had taped earlier that evening. The last scene of the night's show takes place on November 2nd!, at the Seattle Aquarium!. The synchs here are amazing, not only did it take place on November 2nd, but it was shown on November 2nd and this was a re-run so probably wasn't planned, but we were at the Seattle Aquarium that same morning and date. Good one huh?





  14 July 2004


  A year or so ago, I saw a good-sized ladybug outside the window of my cube at work. On the face of it, this might not seem unusual, but I work 24 stories up in an office tower in the heart of the city. I don’t know a lot about ladybugs but I did wonder at the time what it ate way up here and how it survived living on a wall of granite and glass forty stories tall. I saw that ladybug on and off for a number of weeks and always had similar thoughts. Then I didn’t see it again for months and months and months and months…until today when I was reading short stories on the internet of various people’s experiences with “synchronicity”! I’m the Toastmaster this week for my Toastmasters Club meeting and I chose the word and the theme of the day: synchronicity. I did just a little research on the web last week in preparation and found the story of Jung, his patient and her dream about a golden scarab and the beetle that flew in his office window. [www.crystalinks.com] When I read the story -last week-, I have to admit I felt a little disappointed. I’m not sure what I expected, but I was thinking, “a beetle flies in his window, gee, big deal…” Today, I found this site and while I was reading all the postings, that same round fat ladybug that I haven’t seen for almost a year, crawled across my window. I had to smile. I feel like I was handed an unexpected, pretty little present on a regular old day. That, my freinds, is synchronicity! I'm so happy I have some.





   After moving from Livingston County, MI to Macomb County, MI, I ended my second abusive marriage. My divorce was a nasty one....my ex went to jail twice for Domestic Violence and was continually harrassing me every chance he could get. Oct 7, 1998 my ex was arrested. November 7th, 1998 (about one month later) I had to make a police report due to harrassing phone calls from my ex. I had been depressed about my whole situation and wondered how my life could get any worse. The police officer who came to my house was about ready to take his lunch but decided to take "my call" instead of giving it to another police officer. To make a long story short.....We have been together since that day....we got married two years ago & are living "happily ever after"! ....*My neighbor (who is a police officer at a different department) who lived next to me for a year and a half before I met Chris....ended up knowing Chris'family very well....also my neighbors brother works with Chris' brother (they are police officers too). .... Chris told me later that the day he came to my house for the report....when I opened the door....he had the feeling of wanting to Kiss me immediately. (It's kind of odd...because when I was married to the "ex"....he use to make fun of me all the time because the children and I liked to watch COPS on tv....it is still one of our favorite shows!)...***I wanted to mention this also: when I was married to the "ex" he was being his usual mean self and made fun of me for hours about the way I curled my hair this particular day (I have long blond hair & I curled it with long spirals all over). He had me in tears when I left to go shopping. When I arrived at the supermarket, I walked in and went to get a shopping cart. A very good looking man who had to be 6ft. 4in. at the least, came up to me INSTANTLY out of nowhere and said "I just wanted you to know that your hair is absolutely beautiful" and he walked away. It made me cry because it was such a damn coincidence!! Melanie


   (note to readers; I, owner of this website, was born in Macomb County, Michigan)



   Last month, I was eating with my young son, aged 7, at a restaurant when he asks me what my dream in life was. My dream at this time is a lovely woman who I've been having a love affair for three months.

   At the exact same moment my son asked the question, I happened to look outside and who do I see... My lovely woman friend with her two young children.

   This is utterly unexplainable apart from simple coincidenmce or synchronicity.

   Pretty crazy if you ask me.

  Alain Fournier





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