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Hi, my name is Tammy, my husband passed away in 2008, at his funeral we played several songs, that he and the family loved... since this time, I have had multiple thing go wrong. Difficult times for me, health and finances.
When things are going wrong these songs always come on the radio, I can be on facebook and out of the blue they appear on my sight. Synchronicity, YES,


Ok I've NEVER even heard the word synchronicity in my entire life until February of 2011. Yea I know I know I've been in the dark my 20 years (at that time) of life. My mom was very sick over the course of my life. It was almost normal. But she always pulled through so I really had no worries.she was superwoman to me. She still is. My mom was hospitalized on1/26/11. I went to see her as much as I could. I had to run the household and care for my 15 year old brother in my moms absence so I went about 4 times a week. Over the time I saw my mom getting what's thought was worse. She seemed almost childlike. Laughing joking and making weird comments all the time lol. Then one day me and my best friend went to see her and we were making videos of her. She was pure comedy. This time we were aware she wasn't going to make it and these were her last days. As I'm recording I say "ma smile to the camera" she said huh? Don't call me ma my new name is synchronicity and I'm in sync with the universe. Like I said I've never heard that word so I though she made it up right then and there. We laughed I though it was creative lol but she kept saying it to everyone who she. Came in contact with. My new name is synchronicity don't call me Marie . When we left the hospital that day I couldn't for the life of me remember how to pronounce that word. I kept asking Lois (my BFF) "what's mommas new name" and she told me every time. Now mind you, Lois is a gemini lol she is so "everywhere" and remembers nothing lol. She was the Doree to my marlon (finding nemo) but for some reason synchronicity could not leave her head. As days pass she still remembers it and I had to write it down lol. The very next time I got to the hospital my mom isn't doing good at all she couldn't speak she couldn't eat and was unconscious. That's when it hit me. Like a blow to the chest. My mother was really dying. I'm the youngest girl in my family so I was up mommas butt and this hit me hard. I couldn't stand I couldn't breathe I couldn't eat I was a mess. Instead of calling her ma I said "I love you synchronicity" and left. I couldn't watch her laying there because I would've cried myself into an anxiety attack and I had my nephew with me. She passed on 2/17/11. Still I didn't know the TRUE meaning of synchronicity or that it was a real word for that matter. So on 2/19/11 I got synchronicity tattooed on My forearm going from my wrist to my elbow. Yes I got it tattooed without knowing the definition lol but my mom said it was her name so that's what I saw it as. My best friend loved my mom as her own so she got the same tattoo but the mirrored version. All of her letters were backwards as if looking thru the mirror. Fast forward one year and on the day of her anniversary of her passing my best friend called me super excited babbling about this book and it has the word synchronicity on the cover . That's all I was able to make out of her loud frantic excitement lol. So now I'm freaking out like OMG that's a real word and I got it tattooed on my arm I have to go look at the definition I don't want any bs on my arm. I looked it up and saw what it meant and was relieved. The book is called I Can See Clearly Now (How synchronicity illuminates our lives) by Mary Soliel. I read the book and got a complete understanding of this divine word. Every time I'd read the book and was forced to pause, whatever she said applied to that very moment. I remember one time I as on the Long Island railroad and the book was telling me to ask for signs of synchronicity and I'd get them. So i closed the book and asked for a sign from my mom. I was missing her sooooooo much. As SOON as I glanced up I saw graffiti on the wall that said I <3 mom 444 now if that wasn't the biggest coincidence ever wait no it wasn't it was synchronicity. Lol then the book talked about soulmates and how we mirror each other. Synchronistically my BFF got the mirrored version on my tattoo lol we always spoke about how we were brothers in our past life cuz together we acted like men. Then the book spoke about past lives and being connected to each other on a higher level. I wish I could tell you all the synchronicities that lead my to writing this but it would be way too much ill come back and share different stories at different times. My subconscious is telling me to hurry it up lol if anyone wants to get in contact with me to swap synchronicity stories I can be reached via email or Facebook sw33ts187@gmail.com and Amanda sofine bagley on FB. I look forward to hearing from you oh and go pick up Mary soliels book I can see clearly now


I was out of town surfing the web and Googled guardian angel stories.  I was going through a rough patch in my life and was looking for solace wherever I could find it.  I read an account where the person who telling her story said to her guardian angel, "If you are real, please let me hear my favorite song today," which did occur.

I though immediately about Barry Manilow's song iconic song, Mandy, and then made the same request to the cosmos.  My drive home that day was about three hours, and when I got closer to home, I tuned into a radio station that would play Mandy, thinking that if I was going to hear the song, that station would be the place I would hear it.  Nothing.  No Mandy. 

I got home and thought about my request and wrote it off as a stupid request.  Prior to going to sleep that night, my wife asked if I wanted to watch an episode she taped from the prior day but had not seen of Katie Couric's new talk show.  I said okay, and when the show started, her guest that day was announced to be Barry Manilow.  That really piqued my interest because of my request earlier that day, and at the end of the show, he performed the song Mandy.

This synchronistic event enhanced my belief that indeed I have a guardian or spiritual presence in my life. It also taught me that I was trying to force an event from the spiritual plane to occur without success, but the Universe or God had another plan in store.  As the Tao teaches, "Nature is patient, yet all is accomplished."



Many of you might remember the popular TV series of the 1960's, The Saint, starring Roger Moore. One evening I was watching. Roger was in a hotel room waiting for a visitor. I was watching in my living room as a car drove up to the gate and my visitor approached the front door. Both Roger's visitor and mine knocked on our respective doors at exactly the same time. I knew what was about to happen. Roger called out, "Come in." My visitor, hearing this from the TV, proceeded to pull at the locked door. I answered the door but did not bother to explain this amusing coincidence to my visitor.



My name is Yoel ..my wife and I were lately on a holiday in Rhodes(Greece)while strolling along the beach I casually picked up a round pebble and to our surprise while examining it closely we found white lines clearly across the pebble a 'Y' and an 'R' which are the first lettrs of our names... 


Wow this is just crazy. I just submitted this story about my synchronicities in the last days describing the number 42 (among others) and the first comment to the first video I am watching has 42 likes... These days are just crazy!


Strange thing because in the last days I had more synchronicities happening to me. Like saying to myself "Everything bad is good for something" in the evening and then my good friend creating this status on his Facebook next morning.  BTW, this is a stage of my life where I seem to be getting my life back on track after a year of "doom" and unluck. The day before yesterday I found a few playing cards lying on the street in front of my house door. Because I remembered having picked up a Bell 4 a year back in Spain (a few days after the accident in Poland which changed my life), I picked up one of them and it was a Bell 2. Later at home, I remembered The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I saw a few days ago. I laughed that the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything" was the number 42. I couldn't sleep well that night (which rarely happens to me), probably due to coffee. I thought that maybe I can go and pick up some more of those cards if they reveal anything (I read some books about tarot a few months ago). I picked up three cards and they were: Leave 4, Acorn 4 and Acorn King. That wouldn't be strange but once I sat down at the computer and looked at the clock, it showed EXACTLY 04.04 (AM).

I am not sure what this all means but maybe someone more enlightened may one day explain that to me.

Thanks for reading this!



My nephew's wife was expecting to give birth on 12/12/12. It didn't happen. The next day I saw on the Internet that five babies were born at 12:12 on 12/12/12. I emailed him the info to point out that he had missed the boat. I was then about to leave the office for lunch so I checked the time on the computer clock that the message was sent. It was sent at 12:12.



I was travelling in New Zealand (I'm from the UK) earlier this year. It was towards the end of my stay and I had decided to hire a car for the last week.

I like to listen to music on random play on my mp3 player when I drive to while away the time. On a five hour long drive back to Christchurch, a few minutes from my hostel, the Lisa Stansfield song 'All Around the World' starts playing. So I pull up and the song finishes. It's only then that I realise the name of the hostel is 'Around the World'.

I post a status on a social networking site, telling folk that I'm travelling north on the South Island in New Zealand tomorrow. I read it the next day to find a message from a friend of a friend (also from the UK and who I never contact), saying he's just arrived on the South Island from Bali on his trip around the world. I drive north and we meet that day and have a few beers and exchange stories. The last time I met him? Two years before on my birthday.

I like to go to the theatre and payed a visit to the Globe Theatre in London. In one of the nearby streets is the Sackler Studios affiliated with the theatre.

Weeks pass and I decide to go to Kew Gardens in London. On walking through the grounds I come to a sort of bridge or walkway called the Sackler Crossing.

So I start wondering who this Sackler is and if it's the same one. I don't really know why the name stuck in my head, but it did. It turns out it was the same Sackler, a philanthropist who donated money to both.

Upon reading further to my amazement I realise that he also donated money to the Sackler Centre for Conciousness Studies at the University of Sussex. The very place I had studied as an undergraduate. The building of course had been built years after I left. So I had no knowledge of it!


My mother, a drug and alcohol abuser, was missing from her home for a couple days. I didn't know where she could be. I was worried about her but felt like she probably just fell off the wagon and was partying, or maybe something else entirely. Just in case, I filed a missing persons report at my local police department. When I got in my car after filing the police report, a radio station I never listen to was tuned in. I never listened to any radio in fact, I had been using an MP3 player for years and having the radio on at all was a fluke. So, what I hear is the very beginning of my mom's favorite song, Angel by Sara McLachlan just starting and the message hit me like a ton of bricks. At that moment there was no doubt in my mind that she was gone. I listened to the song in that parking lot and sobbed for her death. Since then I found out the song is about Heroin, which my mom used to take her life a couple days earlier.  I am posting the lyrics as they are a big part of the connection I had at that moment.


Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make it okay
there's always some reason
to feel not good enough
and it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
oh beautiful release
memories seep from my veins
let me be empty
and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

in the arms of the angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

so tired of the straight line
and everywhere you turn
there's vultures and thieves at your back
and the storm keeps on twisting
you keep on building the lies
that you make up for all that you lack
it don't make no difference
escaping one last time
it's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

in the arms of the angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here


I have been noticing for several years that I am consistently made aware of the time. This has been happening for several years now. Not sure what to make of it. But it is always 9:11, either AM or PM. Leave the gym at night, clock says 9:11PM. At work, going to take a break or need to mark the time for some work I am starting, always 9:11 now. As I said, this has been going on for several years now. Very odd. I don't know my internal clock has just been tuned or trained to the time or what.



story : Here's a couple of my recent favorites:

#1 One day, I received a gift package in the mail.  Included in the package was a bag of chocolates molded into the shape of sea horses.  Sea horses?  Interesting.  I pop in my latest Netflix DVD and commence munching on the delicious seahorses. The boy in the movie is obsessed with sea horses.  I smile as I watch him draw, talk and read about sea horses while I eat mine. 

#2  One night, I began reading an old western novel.  The name of the main character is a man named Yellow Wolf.  The next morning as I'm reading on facebook, I see a comment on my friends page made by her female friend, Yello Wolf.  I smile.

I don't necessarily find messages in these happenings but I do see them as signs that I am never alone and it make me feel very in tune with my life.


Me and my friend are FOREVER saying the same thing, we where watching red nose day and being very silly I was making up my own song about it and she was laughing and then we both come in with the same line... don't forget that the song was off the top of my head! but this happens at least 4 times every time we meet up its ridiculous! also I don't know if this is synchronicity or just a plain coincidence, but once i was locked out the house so sat in a van till work and i was thinking about will smith saying he wanted to do a cameo appearance on EastEnders, then George Michaels fast love comes on the radio, and for those who have heard it goes at some points 'sending you forget-me-nots' which has the tune same of 'here come the men in black' which was done by will smith who wants to be in EastEnders, and if he does he would be most probably working with a character called Heather Trott who named her son George after George Michael! haha I was blown away.   Kat


It all started when I met this girl. I was 24, had had one girlfriend my whole life, and just ended a 2 year relationship with her. Getting out of that relationship did not bother me at all. I guess I wasn't really in love with the girl.. Then I meet this 2nd girl and I went completely insane. There were so many synchronicites during this time, so many things that I cannot explain. And it just boggles my mind because nothing like this had ever happened before.

Life was normal and I actually liked my life for once. So then I meet this 2nd girl. She is gorgeous and I fell in love immediately with her. I walked out on my job to spend all of my time with her, feeling like I could do anything. It was right before I quit my job that it all started happening. The last day I was at work, I found myself wearing matching colors and I had not planned it at all. It was amazing to me. Everything I had on was red, white, black, silver and gold. And then someone at work gave me a nice brand new pair of white gloves. I was very happy with my appearance and was confident in myself (for once) after being promoted and doing a great job. So I thought wow, these must be "my" colors. So I told this girl about it. I bought a cd that was only red, white, and black and loved it. Spent a lot of time staying up late talking with the girl, getting to know each other. Then we went on a day trip to the beach. We weren't dating or anything at this point, but that day was insane. The day felt like an eternity. On the drive there, there were more red, white and black cars than usual, or I was just noticing every single one of them. I had never been so aware of my surroundings before. At one point we got behind a car that had this girls initials on it.. PEX - no numbers or anything, just her initials, it was pretty neat. That was the first coincidence. Then when we got to the beach, there was a car being towed away from a parking meter and we were stuck in the traffic waiting for him to move. It was then that I noticed, every single car in every direction surrounding us was either red, white or black, with the exception of maybe 2 cars that I could see. I could not believe that. It was the magic, I had never fallen in love before, but it felt more like a spiritual awakening to me. The girl and I had a lot of similar stories, very similar past experiences and just very small, odd things that I could not get over.

Once I was sitting on my couch and thought "I wish my brother was here" and he drove up the driveway the second after I thought it. He had gotten out of work early.

Then the girl and I were talking about past lives and how I beleived that each person has lived many past lives as different animals or whatnot. She reminded me of a giraffe, her gorgeous face resembled one. And I told her that and it turned out that she loved giraffes since she was a kid. That was a neat synchronicity. Then we also determined that I had been an elephant in a past life. The second time we had sex, just when we got done, I turned and looked at the tv and it was a cooking competition. Right at the moment I looked at the tv, the chefs were showing the judges what they had made - "elephant's diet" cupcake and then right after it, "giraffes diet" cupcake. It was amazing to see all these strange things like that going on. It was really all about the timing

Also, we went to the beach a second time and we walked on the boardwalk, somehow showed up at the fireworks show just at right time. Everything was perfect timing. The fireworks weren't even supposed to be that night but for some reason it got switched. Very magical. Then a lady bug landed on my arm and she told me to make a wish. At this point we were not dating but we had gotten a hotel room with 2 beds in it. My wish was that she would at least sleep next to me in the same bed. When we got back to the hotel room, she went to get in her bed found that there was sand in the sheets, so she didn't want to sleep in it. Wish came true. Well I didn't ask for much, but I do remember that night I stayed up just watching her sleep. Most gorgeous woman I'd ever seen.

Ohhh I almost forgot about the freakin psychic! This was 2 years prior to meeting this girl, I saw a psychic for the hell of it. I didn't believe anything she told me until soon after meeting this girl. The psychic told me my lucky number was 711. I had completely forgotten about that number until Jully 10th, when I was at the bar with my brother and he reminded me of it. I was so excited because the next day would be 7/11. It was an important day for me because I was at the girls house again staying up talking with her, like I had done for the past week. Except this night, her dad went to sleep in his room, which he never did. He usually slept on the sofa, and the dog kept coming to us. I'm sure he could feel the love :) but anyway it was a significant day for me because it was the first time that I slept next to her.

Then I discovered that we were opposites. And we certainly are. And I discovered that the reason for this was shown in the numbers. My lucky number was 711 and hers was 13. And 11-7=4 and 3+1=4. So I thought that was neat.. opposites attracting.

Then there were other things, like on the way to the beach, we both clearly saw 3 elephants in the clouds, lined up in a row with their trunks up in the air. it was the most amazing thing I ever saw. It was as soon as I glanced up, it was perfect and then from there it slowly dissipated. Then I saw a ram's head in the clouds one night and then it was like foreshadowing other parts of the night, very weird. Also, I saw a HUGE angel with it's wings spread out far across the sky, very very clear, almost like a painting in the clouds. And the last thing I saw in the clouds was a peacock head, but this once was absolutely perfect, I could not believe it, it was like a painting. The peacock head slowly turned into a giraffe head and I was blown away. Because it was about the girl, she had talked about wanting a peacock tattoo and she was a giraffe.

Another one was when I was painitng the door for my mom and my brother came over. We had everything we needed except for another brush. Then we walked outside on the back porch to smoke and the neighbor was there. He offered us a paintbrush without us even asking or saying that we needed one.

The aftermath of all of this is that I am now sitting here with nothing. Nothing like that happens anymore. I broke up with the girl, because I had gotten depressed from not working. Now my life is empty, sad, depressing and I find myself missing things that I never thought I would miss. It's like my whole life is a regret now. I was chasing this illusion. The whole thing was spiritual to me, and to see where it has gotten me is a huge disappointment. I really thought I had "awakened" and these signs would continue to point me in the right direction(which they did for a long time). Will I ever feel that way again??? I sure hope so.



I have seen several different synchronicities.

This one I think is interesting. I was a caregiver for a man dying of liver cancer. I must say I had a crush on him and didn't want him to die. He didn't really know that (until very close to the end).

I was sitting there looking out his picture window and he was on his bed drifting to sleep. I saw a cloud going by in the exact same shape as his painting he had done of a cloud in black and white with a black and white Escher like frame he had painted.

It seemed so odd. I sat and compared the shapes. It was a distinctive shaped cloud and it seemed like a synchronicity that it matched. Later he said "i love you" and I said it back. It was nearly the last thing he ever said. I keep hoping I'll see him again some day to continue our love that was cut short.   Colleen


i was browsing deviantart and listening to mp3 stairway to heaven then on deviantart i was reading the phrase 'forest god' and i hear the word forest


I was talking to a friend about discordianism and Eris and soon I saw someone wearing t-shirt with number 23 on the back. (number 23 is related to discordianism)


I was grabbing some music cd's for work and had three in my hand when i decided i better get going before i'm late. As I'm leaving the room where the cd's are I notice Synchronicity by The Police and grab it and run for the car. As soon as I turn on the ignition Sirius Radio pops on with Synchronicity II on the radio. Ok, stuff has happened with me before involving music but this one blew me away.


I started noticing synchronicity sometime in the mid 70's. I would have a question about something, a person, a thing whatever the case may be. With in a few minuets the answer
would manifest itself in a seemingly normal way. I would think oh thanks that is cool. This started happening a lot! after a while of this I started playing with putting questions out there to see what would happen. I started getting answers quickly and often. I would giggle because it was so weird. I did not know or understand what was happening. It was like i was connected to outside influences that let me control the future. It happened so often I coined the term "it comes with pictures".

AT this point not only did I know that I could make things happen by thinking about them, but I started to second guess how the answers would manifest themselves. I would think of every way I could possibly guess how it would happen. Never got it right. It would always happen in a different way. I am talking minuets here. Amazing. One story. My easy one. I was sitting in the front yard of my house. The house had an L shape to it. The length of the house was behind me and I was just outside the front door in a lawn chair reading. Too my left at 90 degrees was the attached garage thus creating the L shape. If I looked to my right I could see down the street. To my left, just the side of the garage. If I looked forward I would see the rest of the front yard, the street and a block wall across the street.

While reading I herd a faint barking of a dog. I wondered what kind of dog that was barking. I knew then that I somehow would see the dog. I started guessing how I would see it. It had to appear either from my left in the street after passing the end of the garage and coming into view or from my right coming towards me from down the street. Again the bark I heard was very faint. It could have been anywhere in the neighborhood. Within 5 minuets I noticed movement to my left and behind me. I glanced to the left and a small dog came out of the house through the front door walking down the sidewalk parallel to the garage wall on my left and continued till he reached the end of the garage and turned left out of view.

All I could do was laugh. There are many much more complicated situations that are really hard to explain. But I would tell someone I was with about it then have them watch and sure enough it would happen. This happened for a number of weeks many times. As of this writing it is not so frequent. It still happens if I work at it. Very cool. I feel we all have some connection with something out in the great cosmos.    Mark


What yeardid America see $2.00 gas,,,,whatthe famous year coming up and where does the stock-market hover...What the universal constant that scientist C out there and how old (supposedly) is the universe....It's aLL SYNCHRONIZED   Simon from caly


Okay, where to start. I was on an online dating website..about to give up. Lots up men but just not for me. I had met three but not for me.. Well, there was one I was talking too..gave him my number and told him to text me cuz being on the site was such a waste of time. So, we texted for a few days back and forth, sending pics of each other. Eventually, I drive to go meet him, after we go to a gas station we park to talk at a park. "where are you fron?" He asks...We both freaked out. He is the little brother of my best friends baby's father.

We went to same elem and high school. He said "text her" reffering to my best friend. I texted her right there and told her "i'm with so and so's little brother" We all couldn't believe it. This is 300 miles away from where we grew up, talked online and texted and never really mentioned where we were from. We lived blocks away from each other. And to meet like this? To crazy. Needless to say, we are together, have a lot in common and it's like we've finally found each other.


When I turned 29, I was tired of being single and of not ever meeting men. I was living in a city I hadn't grown up in so I didn't even have friends outside of work. So after a weird work gathering at a happy hour I can home quite depressed. I decided I was going to take things into my own hands. I flipped open the local city magazine and decided that I would answer a men seeking women want ad.

I settled on an ad that was clever and witty. I wrote my letter on a little note card. When I went to address the envelope I suddenly felt odd thinking this man would be too outgoing for me. So at the last minute I flipped the several pages at once looked down at a simple ad from a man who liked general things like sports, movies, dining who said he had a good sense of humor. Yes I thought this is it.

Well he called. He found my letter interesting as I mentioned my Polish catholic background which was the same as his. I had signed my name using the same nickname his mom used. Within 6 months we were engaged. Still married 21 years this year. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is the best! I still marvel at our meeting.    Reenie


It must occur on a daily basis that I am aware of or party to a synchronistic event. I am a Psychology student and so am aware of the subjective nature of such occurrences, therefore it is only the more remarkable or bizarre synchronicities I tend to give headspace.

Take my example a week ago while I was sitting at the dining table together with my sister and my young son. We had just made pikelets and my son had asked that we cut his up into triangle shapes. His Aunty had taken over cutting duties from me and held up one of the 'offcuts' of pikelet to show us. She indicated she wanted us to guess what shape it was so I said "its a tadpole". We all laughed and she said "no its the moon, see?" And then dangled it from her fingers like a quivering juvenile Frog. We laughed again and I turned my head to shake it because it really didnt look like a crescent moon, more like a tadpole, and as I did I caught sight of the TV in the next room. My retired Father was watching a movie (at 3.30pm as you do) and at the moment I looked a still shot of a full moon was onscreen (not a crescent one I hear you say so whats the big deal?!).

Then the movie cut back to the characters and the first shot was of the actress Moon Bloodgood (she was in Terminator 3 and I'd remembered her since then because her name is intriguing, is it not?!). I laughed and said to my sister "Hay there's the moon and there's Moon!" pointing at the lounge. She didnt get what I was talking about because she couldnt see the TV from where she was sitting. Turns out the movie was Streetfighter 2: Legend of Chun-Li?! I have no idea why Dad was watching it but anyway there you go: Moon the tadpole pikelet offcut, a full moon in the scene in an average movie and the actress named Crescent Frogwell wops I mean Moon Bloodgood all observed in about a 5 second interval at 3.30pm in the afternoon. Only thing strange is my level of awareness of the coincidence I guess!   Christie


3 quick ghost stories of Simon from Caly,,,, approx. 1983 going south on a highway 60 mile ride to grandfathers funeral,, half way there on highway in front of a piece of property with the grandmothers ashes spread out on a hill,,, Flat tire... 20 years later,, coming down the same highway,, only about 100 miles to the north,, with a cousin who was the brother of a cousin that I was with in 83,,, cousin goes to me "Bobby,, god,, religion" before he can get another word out,, vehicle in front of us kicks up a pebble (strange considering direction in 83) and nicks his windshield,, just a bit lower left.... couple of weeks ago early 011,, on the day of a funeral of the mother of a very particular person in the boys life at some time within the hour after the services (wasn't present,, the particular person,, who studied his theology over seas has his opinion on the boys quack) but right in that time frame a "dental crown" which had been on and forgotten for a good 15-25 years popped off.. 12:53 p.m. "yes I hear you A.'s Mom,,, ML"


Once I became aware of synchronicities they happen continuously and I love them. To me, they are proof there is a whole other layer to this game of life. Here's one story:

My husband and I discovered after being married for several years that our parents were married at the same exact minute. Their wedding date: August 28, 1965 at 2pm. Exactly the same, we've seen the original invitations....   Rhonda


I haven't spoken to my mother in almost 2 years. This has been the on and off relationship we have had for the past 15 years. You can call it mother-daughter stuff as this very common, however my mother makes me ill at times with her criticisms.

It is usually my mother who gets rid of me, and I have chosen in life to not beg my way back into her good graces. As I have gotten older, I have chosen to take the high road and keep myself healthier mentally. Recently I have had severe financial problems with losing a lot of hours at work. I am facing bankruptcy and the typical victim of this recession.

I have NEVER in my adult life asked my mother for money, however I am feeling quite desperate. I seem to have more courage when I am at work than at home alone, so I decided to call her and ask for help. I dialed her number wrong and then got busy at work, so I figured I'll just wait until I get home.

I checked my mail just a few hours later when I got home and there was a Christmas card in my box with a check for $300.00 in it from my mom. I called her and thanked her and for now we are reconciled.


I learned of synchronicity by chance, during a time in my life that was heavily convoluted with coincidences. As very bizarre and coincidental events would occur, I thought it humorous and perhaps a bit strange but did not attach meaning to it at all, for I wasn't a believer of such. I did however, begin to create a "list" of them though and came to realize that while some could be considered an "image in the clouds," the probability of others were highly improbable.

After taking a Jungian personality test (which also contributes to the "list"), I was curious enough to read , "The Collected Writings of Carl Jung" to better understand his personality theory. It was then that I discovered the definition for all that had been happening. synchronicity, and with that began the process of striving to decipher the value and meaning of the synchronistic events.

Oddly enough, all of the events seemed to surround a particular person and while our encounter was very brief, the sense of strangeness progressed into feelings that even after much time have not been easy to shake. I cannot express how very surreal and confusing it was for me, but I can certainly say that it impacted my life in seemingly unrelated ways that were considerably relative to precisely what I needed at that moment in time. I happened to be in a moment of transition, and had not for this encounter, I may not have moved on fully equipped with the undeniable truths that I spent many years trying to deny.

And that is how something so surreal became very real to me, however unrealistic that may seem. I do not mean to imply that our meeting was "fated," however, I cannot deny that a dialogue would have existed if not for the coincidences. I could speculate as to how or why; from the subconscious to the cosmos, Jung or Einstein, who really knows for sure but perhaps there exists a realm of nature that science has yet to define.

Either way, I believe that such events gives our flat world dimension, aligns with our very existence, and fortifies our character even if we must choose to turn away from something that seems so right. Now I can say that if I could go back, I would have made a different decision.   Misti


A few years back I was traveling in England, when I ran into some trouble at the airport. I immediately thought of my mother, who I knew at that time would be sound asleep, as it was around 4 am in the states. I called anyway.

Weeks later, we talked about that day and she told me that for some strange reason she woke up at 4 am and got out of bed. (Let me make the point that there was no phone in her bedroom at that time). Half asleep, she walked downstairs, according to her, for no logical reason at all. As she entered the kitchen and walked by the phone.. it rang. It was me, calling for help. Ana Mari


My name is Richard. in 1982, during a trip to Hue, in Vietnam, my wife and I purchased some army dog tags from one of the locals. Our intent was to send them to surviving family members or reunite them with the original owners. When we returned to the U.S. we sent out as many of the tags that we were able to connect with family. For some reason, one set of tags fell into a box in the closet and remained there until 1997.

We had moved from NYC to Oregon in 1995 and were not settled properly until 1997. When we unpacked, I discovered the lost dog tags and did some research on the internet, (which was not as extensive in 1982). We discovered that the family of the service member lived in Oregon and had a listed phone number. It should be noted that on the back of the tag was the inscription "In case of death, notifiy Kate" and the address in question was given.

That night, my wife and I called the family and were told that yes they had lost a nephew in Vietnam and the Kate in question was his cousin. Here's the real synchronisity, Kate was due to have a lung transplant on the following day. We spoke with her, encouraged her and told her that we thought that the timing of our contacting her was a message of hope or comfort. We put the dog tags in the mail to Kate that same day.

Can you imagine the amount of synchronicity that went into this story...first the tags are lost, then found by the person who happened to be in the same city in Vietnam as we were, then they get lost again until the day before Kate's Surgery!! we just had to share this with you!


One morning just upon waking my cat was beside me, as always, on my bed. A voice popped in to my head "Don't go to your job network seminar today sleep in and stay with me." My cat was looking straight at me. I thought it was a message from her but dismissed it as pure imagination. I had to go to these job seminar appointments at the time because I was unemployed and it would mean my unemployment benefits would be cut off.

Anyway I did my usual morning routine and went straight to the job seminar. Lo and behold when I got there, the lights were turned off in the room where it is held. I went to the receptionist to ask what was going on She said that the seminar had been canceled! My cat was telepathically talking to me that morning, I could have slept in! I talk to my cat quite often now! Sally


This bizarre story of randomness being violated happened in 1985.

I decided to take two acting classes at university on my days off from work, mostly for fun, but also to see if I had any talent.

In order to advance in each of these classes, one needed to pass their final acting solo performance. In order to pass, you need complete concentration.

Once again, the forces of nature interfered with both performances.
I had been driving for over 11 years, with only one car problem all this time.
Yet as I was on my way to school to perform Hamlet's soliloquey if front of the class, my brakes gave out on me on the freeway. I miraculously avoided an accident and managed to get to school. Needless to say, my concentration waned, and I did not pass to advance to the next level. I was shaken and worried about how to get home.

Well, at least I had my second acting class final in two days later, right!

Well, once again nature decided to intervene. This time, just as I was getting off the freeway ramp, my tire literally exploded, as I tredged my way down the ramp and into the campus lot. Once again I was shaken, and failed to advance to the next level.

What are the odds? Well, if I were to arbitrarily say that one has a major car problem while driving once every 10 years, the odds of having one on any given day is one out of 3,653. yet I had two unrelated problems, both before final acting performances where my attention could not be divided. the odds of this happening are one in 13,344,409.
Obviously. I was not supposed to be an actor.

More bizarre sycchronicities to come. David


Sometimes things are just so coincidental that even the skeptics would have difficulty explaining their occurrence. I am another one of these individuals that experiences synchronicity on a perpetual basis. It is refreshing to see a site such as this devoted to the reality of Jung's concept. I have had so many of these experiences that they are just accepted as a normal part of my life now. However, they still never cease to amaze me. Just a few hours ago I was reading about Opium Poppy on Wikipedia while listening to Pandora (internet radio) which "randomly" selects and plays music based on your preferences. Within seconds of finishing the section (Popular Culture) discussing The Wizard of Oz and the rescue of Dorothy and The Cowardly Lion from the poppy field, I heard Dorothy come over the speaker and say "Toto, I think we're not in Kansas anymore." It took a few seconds for me to grasp what had actually transpired. I was listening to music, so where was this coming from? I then restored Pandora to the screen as the music began. It was Rainbow's "Kill the King" Live in Germany (I had never heard this before). It opened the song with Dorothy's quote for obvious reasons (over the "Rainbow"), but what were the odds that it would play mere seconds after I had just been reading about Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz? This is just another one for the books. With my experiences I notice that the connections usually emerge VERY closely in time. I am currently an honor student majoring in psychology, and although I also study psychopharmacology and the occult I am NOT prone to fantasy. Synchronicity IS real, it is NOT mere coincidence, and I believe that this is a very relevant concept that needs to be explored further in order to glean a greater understanding of it's relationship and possible benefits to man and his psychological and spiritual evolution.   Harry


A month ago my co-workers and I were sitting around trying to think of the saddest song we ever heard. We all agreed that is was a song in the late 1960's called 'Honey', but we couldn't recall who sang it. We racked our brains for about 15 minutes and finally remembered it was Bobby Goldsboro. I hadn't thought of him in 15 or more years. Later that night I was watching a Time-Warner commercial for 1960's music, and WHO should be hosting the ad, but BOBBY GOLDSBORO! I wouldn't have even recognized him if I hadn't already had him on my mind.  SA


Last week I was in Vermont for a week's summer vacation on Lake Champlain. I had very recently divorced and was looking forward to making new memories. The past 20 summer vacations had been spent on Nantucket and my love of the ocean and shells would last forever. During this Vermont vacation I was marveling at the rocky shore of the lake, but was also feeling sad that I was missing the beach and the ocean. Just as I was processing that sadness, I picked up a small stone and right on the stone, clear as day, was a engraved fossil of a shell.


3 years ago I was feeling lonely and miserable so I registered on Match.com.  Couple of months later I realized that it was a waste of time and prepared to close my account.  There was this last message of someone sending me a "wink".  I winked back and forgot about it.  A few days later he saw me on line and said Hi. We started asking each other personal questions and I gave him my name, which starts with a "G".  He gave me him name, which starts with a "G".  I told him that this was very funny, and that I have a daughter, whose name also starts with a "G".  Then he started to laugh and told me he has a son, exactly the same age of my daughter, only 2 months older, whose name starts with a "G".  We both thought that this beyond coincidence.  We married 2 months later! G.


As a biologist, I didn't claim them but twice in my life. Upon writing them down, especially in the last 2 years, they happen more and more!  What do they mean?  I follow them when strong, but most are incomprehensible.  This is an interdisciplinary phenomenon most scientists shie away from, but could it be an ancient animalian form of instinct, like a child who knows how to walk and talk?  A deep primal language that connects us beyond ourselves, something connecting us to all life?


i had a very strange experience as a teen.I was vreading a book and came to a part in it that had a story about carl jung having a scarab beatle tapping on the window as his patient relayed a dream about a scarab beatle.It was two or three days later i was at a friends house around alot of people,i was really meditating about what i had read because i was really lost at the time and didnt have much of a reality to speak of,I just didnt know what to believe about god or anything.I didnt say or talk about this to anyone but while as at this friends house i made an infinty symbol out of tin foil on his table for no particular reason,the next day i walked into a mcdonalds grabbed the chair closest to me sat down only to find an ifinity symbol made out of a straw wrapper.Me reading that part of the book and have these coincidences happen is a mathematical anamoly..I think about this everyday..Britton


I have had about 15 to 20 episodes of synchronicity occur in the past month, all of which involve me reading something at the same time an announcer or actor on TV says the exact same word.

For example, last night, I was reading an assignment I had given my students in which they were to define the key terms from their textbook chapter. Right as I read the words "key terms", an announcer on a TV commercial said "key terms".

This has happened so many times recently that I've stopped being amazed by it. (I never knew this phenomenon even had a name until a friend on another website told me what it was.)


My entire life has been full of hundreds of events that have been sychronized, sequenced, and interwoven to create realities that never should have happened statistically, yet they did.
  Most of them have affected me academically, hence making it difficult to learn in class and at home. I will recount one here.

  First, I should mention that my very first synchronicity occured at birth. I was born on Halloween, my sister was born on April Fools Day, my mother was born on Friday the 13th, and my father was born on All Saints Day.
  Hence, the table was set for my bizarre chronic synchronistic existence.

   This story begins one day in July of 1980 when my best freind asked me to be the best man at his wedding.
 His wedding was scheduled for February 14th, 1981.
 It only took me a few seconds to predict the forthcoming synchronicity, since I had already had dozens of them.
 I was one year away from graduating from college. One of the classes I had to take was an Ecology class that required an all day Saturday field trip. If you mess this trip, you fail the class.
  My schedule was such that I had to take this class the winter quarter, and I knew darn well that the wedding and field trip would be on the same day.
 When the wintew schedule came out in November, I went to talk to the instructor about this conflict with the wedding, and to request that the field trip not be on February 14th. Sure enough, she said that this was the only day it could be scheduled.
  My freind was not a student, and became enraged when I told him that I could not make the wedding. He wanted to call and yell at the teacher.
  I therefore had to make a decision. If I choose the field trip, I lose my best freind. If I choose the wedding, I have to graduate six months late since I could not fit it in without conflict until the next fall.
  I foolishly chose the wedding, and  ultimately graduated six months late which altered my life.
 The synchronicities did not end here. The worse was yet to come.
  When the quarter began in January 1981, six months after my friend requested I be his best man, I did not take Ecology because of this scheduling conflict. However, students were allowed to add classes for the first five days of instruction. On the Friday evening after the last to add classes had passed ,my friend calls to tell me that wedding had been postponed.
 The timing of this call had be upset beyond belief, as I began to calculate the improbabilty of these synchronicities.
  First, I had been in college for six and one half years and had not had any  weekend commitmints all this time. Yet these events altered my life by falling on the same day. The odds of this are about 1 in 340, yet it happened.
 Additionally, seven months had passed between being asked to be the best man and the original wedding date, yet I was notified of the cancellation the very same evening  of the last day to add the class. The odds of this timing is about one in 200, yet it also happened.
  I ended up working at a restaurant after my late graduation that did not even exist six months earlier when I should have graduated. My life therefore took a totally different path affecting me to this very day.
 Oh how differnt things should have been! If only the wedding that never was had been scheduled on a different day as the field trip.    David


Yesterday , 7/28/10, i was at work and just out of nowhere thought about a video i used to have of british comedian benny hill and some funny sketches that where on it. i went home and searched benny hill on youtube but couldnt really find anything from the video i had. the next day (about a half hour ago this happpend and made me come write this) i was flipping through the channels. i usually stop on the biography channel just to see whats on they where doing an hour long biography on benny hill.    Randy


My mane is Chuck.  Just today, I'm on the internet, and I came across a reference to something Samuel Morse wrote, called Foreign Conspiracies Against the United States, thought it sounded interesting, and I downloaded it.  Meanwhile, my son was watching Robin Hood, the animated one, the classic Disney.  In one scene, a little bunny is playing Robin Hood, acting like his hero, when he says, "Death to tyrants!" all swashbuckling swagger and bravado, Robin's cap down over his eyes...  At that very moment, I noticed that Morse signed his work, not "by S. Morse", but "by Brutus". 
You'll recall that it was Brutus who originally coined the Latin sic semper tyrannus, when he and Cassius killed Caesar, that John Wilkes Boothe shouted as he jumped onto the stage at Ford's theater.


I have been getting synch for the last five years, about twenty a day, so when I got this one, you do not doubt...it was geourgous...yesterday at work hugo, a boy of 4 asked me to me read him a story...he proceeds to brings me over THE GREAT BEAR HONEY HUNT,its about a bear who goes looking for honey...he finds a bee and follows it hoping this bee will lead him to its tree, where the honey is.... 
the bee flies to several trees,  and the bear looks in each tree by placing his hand down the trunk to see if it contains honey,the first seven don't, and he either gets bitten, or pricked by something living the tree,  that is  certainly not bees or honey...but he dosnt give up and continues to follow the single bee....just knowing he will eventually find the honey......so anyway as I am reading this book, Im thinking its like life, you search for honey, and there are a few of us, who just do not give up! we KNOW in the honey.....so in the end of the book...yes, the BEAR SUCEEDS! he finds his glorious honey...and he knows he has found the honey as a massive SWARM OF BEES flies out of the tree and chase him, At this point I  said to hugo, IMAGINE that imagine a massive swarm of beez chasing you!!
so that was the story,  and the synch came the very next day.  I was at home just lounging around and at about two oclock I heard this really odd noise....BZZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZ
I  also hear things hittng my windows, I get up, and look out on to the front deck, and am flaberghasted by the sight,  My whole house and I mean literally my whole house, and no-one elses on my street is being engulfed by a swarm of beez!!!!!! prob about 2000 of them...Ive never seen anything like it in my life! they swarmed all over the deck for about three minutes, then totally just vanished! amazingly I have two outside dogs, or well my flatmate does, and I had felt sorry for them so five minutes before bought them in the house for a treat! if they had been outside, they would have gone nuts! and had been stung...
So anyway, here I was reading this story about searching for honey and talking about being chased by a swarm of bees, and the very next day it happens...it was a sign from god....a sign that I will find my honey, and I know this as the bees are already here!

ps,this is a snippet of the synchs I get, I am bombarded with synchs, all day everyday...


I was walking along, listening to my ipod when a line in a song said "your last dollar bill" - at that exact moment, I looked down and there was a single dollar bill literally under my foot!


Paying It Forward --my own story of yesterday -- November 19th, 2009

I know that my own health has lately hindered my ability to honor any commitments that I have made including doctor's appointments themselves. At one point late last week I told the doctor's office receptionist after having missed my second consecutive appointment that I hadn't intentionally done it, and that the underlying reason for doing so was that I was feeling rather ill. After making my third appointment for later that day and heading down the road in a spare car that hadn't been used in at least a month or two, I then ran out of gas only minutes from my home, and had to pull off the road. I  then proceeded to call back the doctors office and pleaded for more time as unfortunately I had just experienced some car trouble while traveling down the road to get there. They reluctantly gave me 15 more minutes time, and I then quickly called the auto club (AAA) to get help on the way andbegged for their speediest response as I risked missing an extremely important doctor's appointment . They had arrived in what seemed less than ten minutes and I was off and running again, and surprisingly I was then able to arrive 15 minutes earlier than my originally scheduled appointment. Now you may think that this little story ends right here, however, it simply doesn't.

At the doctors office appointment It was determined that more blood work would be necessary and that I would need to head right over to the lab to get that taken care of. I then sped over to the lab which was located only a few minutes away, and was then informed by the nice phlebotomist there, that I needed to give two rounds of blood samples and that they needed to be taken at least 15 minutes apart, however, the lab itself was to be closing in only 10 minutes and that all the lab work for the day was actually going to be picked up right around that time by a driver too. A seemingly impossible task it was as we quickly set forth getting the first round of blood samples drawn and waiting the required time between drawing the final samples. Soon the driver had arrived to pick up all the work for that day and the phlebotomist had urged him to hang on or come back in about ten minutes or so which heluckily agreed to do, and the blood work was finally completed and I was soon on my way out the door to my parked car. With a long sigh of relief I headed towards the gasoline station, as I now had to fill the nearly empty gas tank or else I risked running out of gas again, a certainly dreadful thought. I had enough of a time paying for the gas itself and getting the pump to work when an asian fellow carrying a small red gasoline jug suddenly approaches me and kindly asks me if I can possibly help him out by driving him back near the highway to where his parked car is located, as he had previously run out of gas there. I told him that he could not have called upon a better person for this as I too had run out of gas during the day and that I would even do better than just getting him down the road and would instead drive him right over to where his car was and help him out in any way that I possibly could as well, and to which I certainly did.   
~ Life sometimes sure has a funny way of seeing us down the road. ~



For the past few years, I have seen the number 43 everywhere. Mainly, it shows us as 143, 1143, 2:43, etc. One time my mom gave me her debit card so I could get some gas. She told me to go to a specific gas station by her house, but instead, I went to a different one. When I got there, I felt like I should just go to the one she told me. I get there and gas up, and the receipt said I was "Seq:00043" at 11:43 AM.

I was brushing my teeth one day, and something told me to glance up close to my brush. In neat little numbers that you almost need a magnifying glass to read, there is a 43 stamped into the plastic.

I used to play the popular PC game World of Warcraft before I saw 43. I'm pretty sure I quit playing that game when my character was level 43.

One of my grandmothers lives at 1143, and my other grandmother got glasses when she was 43, and retired from her job as a nurse after 43 years.

Back when I was in elementary school, we went on this field trip. As I was enjoying the bus ride to wherever we were going (probably to the zoo or to a play), I saw at this street corner a Buddhist monk standing there in his orange robe that you'd see monks wearing. It was either a year or even a few later, but I was still attending the same school, and we were going on another field trip. I'm sitting there by the window of the bus and we pull up to the same corner. A monk in an orange robe is standing EXACTLY where the one I saw previously was. I remember even pointing that oddity out to a friend I was sitting by. I live in the mid-west US, so those two times were probably the only times I even saw a monk in person in my life. Years later I became intensely interested in Buddhism, and I consider it my first real step into the unknown.

I got lost one night on the way to a friend's house. I turned into the wrong apartment complex, so I figured I'd drive through it to see if it connected to the one I needed to get to. Eventually, I realized it didn't, so I backed into a lot space to turn around. As I'm pulling out to go back where I came in, something told me to look at the lot I had pulled into. There, the number 243 was in neat black font.

One time I was browsing the web watching a video. I went to click the "Back" button in the toolbar, and when I did, the page kind of froze for a second. In that little fraction that the page did that, I had enough time to glance at the time the video was at when I clicked back, and it was 11:43.

I woke up out of an odd dream once, only to dart my head right at the clock at 1:43 AM

My sister occupied the room I lived in after I moved out of my parents' house. One day I was talking to her about the spider problem in that room, and she told me of a dream she had. In it, she opened her eyes from "waking up", only to see a massive spider right in front of her face. She woke up from the dream screaming, and stared at the bed for about 10 minutes, wondering if it was real or not. I then told her I had the SAME dream! Every way she described it was absolutely what happened in my dream, complete with the screaming and wondering if it really had happened.

I was hanging out with my cousin a few weeks ago, and I got this strange feeling. I was talking about something funny that had happened earlier in the night when I felt this presence of 7's within the memory. It's hard to explain, but when I thought of what happened that night, I got this feeling of 7, 7, 7, 7. Just a theme of repeating 7's (please bear with me if it's confusing). I troed to think, and there was nothing that night that would make me think about 7's. I told my cousin about that feeling, and not 20 minutes later, a commercial comes on. It was of a girl reading numbers off a computer screen saying "7...7...7...7". We both looked at each other in shock, and to be honest, I had tears welling up from the shock and awe of it all. That was the first and the only time I've ever seen that commercial. We even reasoned that I could have heard the commercial subconsciously before, but I don't think that's the case. I don't have cable anymore so I don't watch tv.

I picked up my paycheck from work (I can't remember if that time it was for $143.00, but if it was, it makes this experience all the more powerful), and I was on my way to the bank. As I'm driving there, a car bolts out in front on me from nowhere to find their place right ahead of me on the road. I was like "Geez...". I looked at the license plate, and it had either xxx-666 or xxx-143 on it. The people ahead of me turn onto this one street, that I also needed to go down. I'm following the car for a few more miles, when about a block from my bank, the car turns right. I continued along to the bank and put my check in. I left the bank after about 8 minutes, and I turn back onto the street I had to followed that car down. Right as I'm passing where that car turned, I see something bolting out of the parking lot. It was the SAME car, doing the SAME thing to get ahead of me. I was once again following this car! The street I was on is fairly busy as well, making the odds of this next to absolutely impossible.

I went to King Soopers one night at midnight with a friend to get some coffee creamer and snacks. I parked next to one of the only cars in the parking lot and we went inside. Upon exiting the store with our newly attained eatery, we walk up to the car, and I say "Wow, that car I parked next to has the same weird, silvery-tannish color as mine." I looked at the license plate right as I'm saying that, and the last three letters of it matched the license plate on my car "MHJ". I said "Wow, that's insane! It would be REALLY ridiculous if they were missing a passenger side mirror....it is!! What?!" Same odd color, same last three ltters on the license place, and also missing the passenger side mirror.

Here's another 43 one: I used to work at a theater that served food and beer directly to the people inside the theaters like a restaurant. One time I go in, and a guy waves me down. He says "It's too dark in here for me to read this bill, can you tell me how much it is?" I gladly took the bill and I walked outside of the theater to see what he owed, and it was $5.43

I met this girl on myspace a few years ago, and we have cool talks and such. A month or two ago, we decided to have lunch and meet in person at a restaurant. We talk for a few hours and when we're leaving, we get our $21.43 bill.

Oddly enough, the number 43 really showed itself to me around the time when we had our 43rd president (yuck), the 43rd Super Bowl. The Steelers won, and one of their star players is number 43 (Troy Polamalu), the game Battlefield 1943 recently released as well to name just a few of the 43's going around the world.

I'm stuck reading this fantasy series called the Wheel of Time. I've been at the same part for over a month now because the series has become a little too slow and uneventful for my tastes. I'm on the 6th book. Anyways, on 10/20/09 a game was released called Borderlands that I was looking forward to. I'm talking with my friend on the phone the morning of 10/20, and he asks me what chapter I'm on in the fantasy series (he's already read it, and really wants me to read it). I looked to see what it was and the chapter was number 10, and called "A saying in the Borderlands."

The past couple days, I've noticed that myself and another person (on two occasions, different people) yawned at EXACTLY the same time. It like a yawn wave runs through the room through us.

These are all the ones I can think of right now.



While sitting in a lab waiting to get blood drawn I was reading the book "Mailman," by J. Robert Lennon and there was a part where he is riding on a bus in Kazakhstan.  He was serving in the Peace Corps there.  While in the bus he notices that the seats are stuffed with chicken feathers. He can tell by the smell. 

I was in this lab for a while for the test I was getting.  At one point I picked up a magazine and as I turned the pages I saw a photo of the model Linda Evangelista sitting seductively in a car with her legs going sideways and feet on the ground with the door wide open.  On top of the car, seemingly making no sense were some chickens.  Most, but not all of my synchronistic experiences have been of this variety.



I live in Sacramento County, CA. I am a 6th generation decendent on one side of my family and from a 5th generation on the other side anyhow one day I had an impulse to act on pressing urge I had to visit the newly built library in Downtown Sacramento area for some reason, I am not a literalist(or a speller)but I had this impulse to go there and I acted on it, once inside I was drawn to and found the California history section and asked a clerk were the local (Sacramento) history section was...I was "pointed" to an aisle, when I got there I just looked up and grabbed a book at random a red bound book, I walked over and placed it on a table and just opened it up to a random page in the middle of the book....there was a full page add of "some" guy sitting there, I looked at the picture, didn't recognize him but saw below was some handwritting, I looked at it and I knew the handwritting, it was a signature, I looked at the photo again....still didn't know who the hell the man was, looked back at the signature and saw it was my Great, Great Grandfather's name...I immediately glanced to the other page and there was my G-G-Grandfathers name in bold print "C.W. Jones" and his biography up to the time of the date of publication 1923....WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT?



I soooo  enjoy the humor of the universe.  I was invited to an Orthodox Jewish wedding of one of my husband's cousins.  I was new to the family and didn't know the bride, etc.  Orthodox weddings require that the men and women are seated on opposite sides of a room with a wall between them so that they don't see each other.  It was a large wedding with about 300 people.  It was a bit intimidating as I parted from my new husband at the door and planned to spend the whole evening sitting with strangers.  Rows and rows of women, I felt a bit panicky.  I looked around, then picked a seat in back, in the middle of an aisle.   A nice older woman  sat next to me.  She asked me how I knew the bride, and I explained that I didn't but that my husband was her cousin.  Turns out the woman was distantly related to  my husband and his family.  I was amazed that in a huge crowd of strangers, a "family" member had ended up next to me. Had to laugh. 


I am giving one of my biggest - I was home alone on the weekend, a month ago. I was suffing the net and decided I would go to Wegman's supermaket to get a sixpack or two. I drove the 5 miles there. I perused the beers in sixpacks. I looked at the top shelf and was a large group of beers labeled "Warsteiner Dunkel".  I looked at them and said to myself, I've had Warsteiner Premium But never "Dunkel" which I had never heard of.  Instead I walked to another aisle, and got two other sixpacks, paid and drove home. I cranked up the computer and went to Topix. Michael Jackson was the big story so I perused one of the MJ blogs. The blogger I was interested in sounded strange, made an odd comment, so for some reason, I clicked on his profile. Under "Favorite Things", he listed, "My family, friends and my favorite beer, Warsteiner Dunkel". I was so shocked I turned in my chair to see if some kind of entity was watching.  Of course I was "seemed" alone, but this is one synchronicity I will never forget - finding a reference to a beer I had never heard of and seeing it twice in an hour, in a supermarket and in a MJ blog. I have more amazing synchronicities to report.  Some are so personal I cannot report on my success there.
Thank you.



Hi, I just found your website. I have my true story up on a website of my own: www.searchingforfernando.wordpress.com  It is so full of un-believable synchronicities that if I had not added photos, and documents (in both English and Spanish)to prove it really happened, no-one would believe it.  writer Brad Newsham read it and responded; "Wow, your story left me a bit speachless!" The typical response is: "Wow!" It is way too long to put up on your website, and it needs to have the photos and documents as proof, but you could put up a link to my site. Thanks for giving people a space to share. Stories such as these give people hope, and increase faith. I was thinking of putting up a similar website, before I found yours. Kristine 


I just found this website. I will be spending days telling you the synchronites that have been going on on my life. I sent to things already now I'll take my time and tell my story which will take days to tell you the things that have been going on in my life since I chased the Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland when I was Twelve years old in 1963 which was the same year that Kennedy died in that had all the Coincidences between him and Lincoln. You'll have to correct my spelling errors!
I was born in 1951 the Year of the Rabbit the same year that Synchronicity was given it deffinition! Look it up on wikapedia! That was the same year Alice In Wonderland was made by Disney. It was also the year Harvey was released in more Countries than the yeas it was made which was 1950.
I have a web site called SynchrinicityInWonderland.com you can read there what happen to me in 1963. You can also go to Google and type in Synchronicity Rabbits and I will be the first thing that comes up. You can also go to the project wonderland cronicles just under that and you'll read about me again. This is going to take me days to explain even a fraction of the synchronites I have lived through so give me time to explain it all there is alot to digest!

I own a business called W. P. Drive Thru. I sell Ohio Lottery tickets there last week on 08/07/09 the day I found out Steven Spielburg was doing a remake to Harvey the guy that sees the Invisible Rabbit the number that night on the pick 4 was 1951. I hit that pick 4 a few years ago I was driving down the road to go get my cell phone fixed which my last four numbers of are 1951, I was following a Semi Truck with big numbers on the back of it that was 1951 and the date was 5/1 I played that number that night and hit it in the box for $400.00.

Your going to find out that my story will prove once and for All that Synchronicity is not only real but Father Times was of showing itself! And he used a Rabbit and a Pocket Watch to do so!

Even where I live there is a restruant called the Bunny Which has a big tall Rabbit Sign out front. That was built the year I moved to Copley OH in 1959.  The place is now called Charlies which is the same name where Elwood P Dowed goes to to have a drink and hang out with Harvey. My nephew lives with my mom and dad his name is Charlie also. So I guess you could say that where I grew up at is Charlies place also! Which is right beside Black Pond. My Business is at the top of my parents road Lakeland which is across from White Pond. I guess I grew up living at the Yin and Yang Ponds with the Bunny right down the road!

There is a friend of mine who owns a Bar that I go to called The Nut House his name is Charlie!
Twenty seven years ago we worked on machines next to each other at BF Goodrich in the Belt Room. It's funny another friend of mine that I've known for thirty some years has the first and last same name as Charlies and now there friends and he plays drums every Wednesday night at Charlies bar!

Synchronicity In Wonderland

Synchronicity In Wonderland will illustrate the concept of meaningful coincidence to a new level of understanding who we are in relationship to Time. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Father Time is a friend of mine!

Father Time came to me in 1963 on Easter morning, in different hues of blue white holographic light energy, in the form of a Rabbit, dressed in a vest coat, holding a pocket watch. Yes, the Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. It awakened me without saying a word. He kept repeatedly glancing at his watch then looking at me while standing in the hallway at my bedroom door. After a few moments he moved just out of my sight down the hallway. Overcome by curiosity I cautiously got out of bed and crept into the hallway. There he stood in his luminous blue light, looking at his watch then me. Eventually turning around and running down the hallway past my sisters bedroom to my parents room. All doors were closed so his only exit was to turn left at the end of the hallway into our living-room. It was all I could do to keep up with him as he sped across the room. Like a Genie disappearing into its lamp he vanished underneath the couch. At that same instant it was as if someone stuck their leg in front of me, tripped me, and I slid on my hands and face right up to the couch where the Easter Bunny disappeared. After I recovered from my fall I sat there pinching myself making sure I was not in a dream. It was early morning so I didn't even try to go back to bed. At that point in time I didn't mention my experience to anyone. I figured they would either laugh at me or think I was crazy.
"It was much pleasanter at home,"
thought poor Alice
"when one wasn't always growing
larger and smaller
and being ordered about by mice and rabbits
I almost wish I hadn't gone down that
rabbit-hole-and yet-it's rather curious,
you know, this sort of life!
I do wonder what can have happen to me!
When I used to read fairy-tales,
I fancied that kind of thing never happened,
and now here I am in the middle of one!
There ought to be a book written about me,
that there ought!
And when I grow up, I'll write one-
but I'm grown up now,"
she added in a sorrowful tone,
"at least there's no room to grow up any more here."

The next close encounter happened on Easter morning 1964. I was awaken once-again, without a sound, by another approximately six foot Rabbit. This time it was a girl Rabbit. It had on a dress, was wearing bloomers with those frilly gatherings, and had a bonnet on with a daisy extending out of it. As I sat up in bed and observed, she just kept hopping at my doorway for quite some time before going down the hall.
I went into the hall and looked down it to see if it would be there like the one I chased the year before. It had disappeared altogether out of sight. I then went into the living-room and was remembering everything that had happen to me the year before. Finally after reminiscing what had happened I went back to bed and went to sleep.

At this point in time no one knew of any of my experiences. At breakfast the next morning would be the first synchronistic experience relating to the coming of the Easter Bunnies.

My sister Nancy while sitting at the breakfast table said, "Eugene your not going to believe, what I saw last night. I had a Rabbit dressed up like a girl at my bedroom door." I asked her, "and what did you do?" Nancy said, "I chased her into the living-room and she went underneath the couch and disappeared." I then asked Nancy to show me where the Rabbit went underneath the couch. We had two couches in the living-room and I wanted to make sure it was the same couch that I had seen mine go under the year before. It was the exact spot where I had chased the Rabbit one year prior. Also in the living-room were two of the largest Easter Baskets my sister and I had ever been given.

We then went back to the breakfast table. I then asked Nancy, "what did the Rabbit look like?" She said, "It had a dress on and had frilly like pantaloons." Then I said, "yes it had a bonnet on with a daisy sticking out of it didn't it." Nancy said, "how did you know?"

I explained I had seen her Rabbit that same night and had chased one myself one year earlier underneath the couch as she had.


After a time she heard a little pattering of feet in the distance,
and she hastily dried her eyes to see what was coming.
It was the White Rabbit returning, splendidly dressed, with
a pair of white kid gloves in one had and a large fan in the other:
he came trotting along in a great hurry, muttering to himself as he came,
"Oh the Duchess, the Duchess! Oh! won't she be savage if I've kept her waiting!"
Alice felt so desperate that she was ready to ask help of any one;
so when the Rabbit came near her, she began, in a low timid voice,
"If you please, sir-" The Rabbit started violently,
dropped the white kid gloves and the fan,
and scurried away into the darkness as hard as he could go.

Alice took up the fan and gloves, and, as the hall was very hot
she kept fanning herself all the time she went on talking:
"Dear, dear! How queer everything is today!
And yesterday things went on just as usual.
I wonder if I've been changed in the night?
Let me think: was I the same when I got up this morning?
I almost think I can remember feeling a little different.
But if I'm not the same, the next question is,
Who in the world am I?
"Ah, that's the great puzzle!"
And she began thinking over all the children she knew,
that were of the same age as herself,
to see if she would have been changed for any of them.

I live in Akron OHIO I Own The W. P. Drive Thru where I have Five good looking girls working for me and I sell the coldest beer from in Akron. This  is from te movie Harvey reed it and see the coincendences relating to girls cold beer and Akron!

 CHUMLEY - Is there anything I can do for

ELWOOD - What did you have in mind?

CHUMLEY - Mr. Dowd, what kind of a man are
you? Where do you come from?

ELWOOD - Why, uh - didn't I - uh - didn't
I give you one of my cards?

CHUMLEY - And where on the face of this
tired old earth did you find a thing like
- like him?

ELWOOD - You mean Harvey, the Pooka?

CHUMLEY - Yes - it's true - the things
you told me tonight. I know it now.

ELWOOD - Yes. Yes, Harvey has several very
interesting facets. Did I - uh - did I tell
you about Mrs. McElhinney?


ELWOOD - Uh - she lives right next door to
us. Wonderful woman. Well, Harvey told me
last night that Mrs. McElhinney's Aunt
Rose --

Listening - interested -

ELWOOD O.S. --was going to drop in on her
unexpectedly this morning - from Cleveland.

CHUMLEY - And did she?

Looking off - speaks -

ELWOOD - Did she what?

Speaks -

CHUMLEY - Aunt Rose - did, uh - did she
come - just as Harvey said she would?

Looking off - speaks -

ELWOOD - Oh, yes! Yes. Yes - these things
always work out just the way Harvey says
they will. He is very, very versatile.
Did I tell you he could stop clocks?



"HARVEY" / PART / 10

Puzzled -

CHUMLEY - To what purpose?

Chumley standing near f.g. facing
Elwood, who sits near table b.g.
- Elwood leans forward as he talks
- Chumley flabbergasted - comes
forward & pulls chair over toward
Elwood - starts to sit -

ELWOOD - Well, you've heard the expression
'His face would stop a clock'? Well,
Harvey - can look at your clock and stop
it. And you can go anywhere you like -
with anyone you like - and stay as long as
you like -- and when you get back -- not
one minute will have ticked by.

CHUMLEY - Do you mean that he --

ELWOOD - Uh - you see --

As Chumley sits facing Elwood -
Elwood facing camera - explains
- camera pulls back as he leans
back in chair - Chumley rises,
triumphantly & moves to mantel
b.g. - turns - camera tilts down
as he sits facing Elwood again -
talk - Chumley thoughtful & happy
- starts to rise -

CHUMLEY -- he can -- ?

ELWOOD - You see, science has overcome
time and space. Well, Harvey has overcome,
not only time and space - but any

CHUMLEY - Flyspecks - flyspecks! I've been
spending my life among flyspecks - while
miracles have been leaning on lamp posts
at Eighteenth and Fairfax! Tell me, Mr.
Dowd, will he do this for you?

ELWOOD - Oh, he'd be willing at any time -
yes. But so far I ha-haven't been able to
think of any place I'd rather be. I - I
always have a wonderful time - wherever I
am - whomever I'm with. I'm having a fine
time right here with you, Doctor.

CHUMLEY - Oh, I --

Elwood seated near b.g. - Chumley
rising - camera pulls back as he
strolls forward, talking, & lies
back on couch - speaks dreamily
- camera rises slightly as Elwood
rises & comes forward - camera
moves down close to Chumley as
Elwood sits at far side of couch
- Chumley pats chest - Elwood
questions Chumley - Chumley starts
to sit up -

CHUMLEY - Oh, I - Heh! I know where I'd go.

ELWOOD - Where?

CHUMLEY - I'd go to Akron!

ELWOOD - Akron? Oh, yes.

CHUMLEY - There's a cottage camp just
outside Akron - in a grove of maple trees
-- green - cool - beautiful.

ELWOOD - Uh - that's my favorite tree.

CHUMLEY - I'd go there with a pretty woman.


CHUMLEY - A strange woman -- a quiet woman.

ELWOOD - Ooh. Under a tree, huh?

CHUMLEY - I wouldn't even want to know her
name -- while I would be just - Mr. Smith.
Then I would send out for cold beer.

ELWOOD - Uh - no whiskey, huh?

CHUMLEY - No. Then I would tell her things.
Things that I've never told to anyone.
Things that are locked - deep in here.
(COUGHS) And as I talked to her, I would
want her to hold out a soft white hand and
say 'Poor thing. You poor, poor thing.'

ELWOOD - For how long would you want this
to go on, Doctor?

CHUMLEY - Two weeks.

ELWOOD - Two weeks?! Uh - wouldn't that
get a little monotonous? Just Akron, cold
beer and 'poor, poor thing' for two weeks?

CHUMLEY - No! It would be wonderful!

ELWOOD - Well, I - I - I can't help
feeling, Doctor, that you're making a
mistake not allowing the woman to talk. I
- if she'd been around at all, she
might've picked up some very interesting
news items. A - and I'm sure you're
making a mistake about all that beer and
no whiskey - but it's your two weeks.

CHUMLEY - Mr. Dowd --

As Chumley sits up f.g. & faces
Elwood - camera moves in - they
talk - Chumley looks toward window
b.g. - cagey - starts to rise -

CHUMLEY -- could he -- would he do this
for me?

ELWOOD - Oh, he could - and might. Oh,
I've never heard Harvey say a word against
Akron. By the way, Doctor, where is

CHUMLEY - Don't you know?

ELWOOD - Oh, well, the last time I saw him
he was with you. Oh, but he's - he's
probably waiting for me down at Charlie's.

CHUMLEY - Uh - yes, that's it! He's down
at Charlie's.

ELWOOD - Un-hn - well, in that case, I
think I'll go down and join him for a
nightcap. Fortunately, Charlie's stays
open rather late. Excuse me--

Camera tilts up as Elwood & Chumley
rise - camera pans & dollies
in as they move to desk - stop -
talk - Chumley moves around before
Elwood as he starts toward door -
camera pans - Elwood reacts as
Chumley talks - moves around
behind Elwood - comes forward to
Elwood - astounded - stands with
back to camera - camera dollies
in - Elwood gentle & undisturbed
- explains - react to beam of
lights flashing across room from
outside -

ELWOOD -- Doctor, I want to say good-bye
to some of my friends before I leave.

CHUMLEY - Mr. Dowd, none of those people
are your friends -- but I want you to know
that I am your friend.

ELWOOD - Well, thank you, Doctor. And I'm

CHUMLEY - They underestimate you - as I
did. This sister of yours is at the bottom
of a conspiracy against you! She's trying
to persuade me to lock you up. Today she
had commitment papers drawn up. She has
your power of attorney and the key to
your safety box! And she brought you

ELWOOD - My sister did all that in one
afternoon? That Veta certainly is a
whirlwind, isn't she?

CHUMLEY - Good heavens, man! Haven't you
any righteous indignation?!

ELWOOD - Oh, Doctor, I - I - (STAMMERS)
Years ago, my mother used to say to me --
she'd say, 'In this world, Elwood, you
must be --' She always called me Elwood.
'In this world, Elwood, you must be oh,
so smart or oh, so pleasant.' Well, for
years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.
And you may quote me.

this is copied from Wikipedia.

Jung coined the word to describe what he called "temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events." Jung variously described synchronicity as an "acausal connecting principle", "meaningful coincidence" and "acausal parallelism". Jung introduced the concept as early as the 1920s but only gave a full statement of it in 1951 in an Eranos lecture[1] and in 1952, published a paper, Synchronicity - An Acausal Connecting Principle, in a volume with a related study by the physicist (and Nobel laureate) Wolfgang Pauli.[2]

This is also on the same page from Wikapedia

One of Jung's favourite quotes on synchronicity was from Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, in which the White Queen says to Alice: "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards".[citation needed] [5][6]

Creation is the one making this happen. SynchronicityInWonderland.com
I live in Akron where the Doctor wanted to go. I was born the Year of the Rabbit 1951
Same year Disney did Alice In Wonderland. The Bunny Drive Inn is right
down the Street from me. I also have
about a thousand more coincidences!

You can't stop the Rabbit because he is Father Time sure he wants to show himself one more time! Alice In Wonderland is also being remaked next year! I also own White Pond Drive Thru in Akron OH my parrents have lived by Black Pond since 1959. This movie really should be being made about me the Real Elwood!

(Note to readers: Here's another synch for me. All my life I've, jokingly, told people that I don't believe in Santa or the tooth fairy but I do believe in the Easter Bunny because I saw it when I was a child. I was about 7 or 8 when it happened. I was asleep in bed when rustling noises woke me up. I turned to see what it was and saw a giant bunny, like an adult in a really good custume, hop out of my room. I've always felt that it was a half dream halucination, but after reading this I guess I'm not so sure now. I never mentioned it to my parents until years later and I never saw any signs that it was my parents who did it. Cool synch for me. :-)    )


Simon from Caly with one of many recent ones. 18 perect games pitched in MLB, if it takes 27 outs to make a perfect game, how many days before his brother's 50th was one pitched.


Because of finances, I had to pull my daughter out of one school and place her into another. I was really struggling with this decision. I decided to go to the school that I would be placing her in, and talk with the staff. I had attended the school when I was a child, but I was nervous about my child attending. When I went to the school, I talked with a staff member that I had known when I was in the school, and she reassured me that my daughter would be fine, but I was still unsure. Something told me to go and visit with the assistant principal, and when I walked into her office, she immediately called me by name. She had worked at another school that I had attended for one year when I was in high school. Long story short, I told her about my fears, and she also reassured me, but something was different this time. As I told her that I had attended the school, she asked what years I had been there, so I told her, and we walked over to another desk together.On top of that desk was one year book opened to the page that my picture was on. What are the odds of that happening. That picture was taken 20 years ago. That was the best reassurance that I could have received that day.
Elizabeth M.

Note to readers: I have a neice with exactly the same name as this poster. For privacy reasons I used only her last initial.


Our daughter got married August 9, 2008.  When she got in the limo there was a penny non the floor, I picked it up and gave it to her letting her know her Grampa (remember pennies from heavan)was thinking of her on her special day.  She looked at the date and said Mom you wont believe this it was dated 1982 the year she was born.


 live on Long Island and I was driving my 50 minute ride to work in a horrible snow storm.  I'm on a parkway and following a white van that I can not get around it--I just stare at it's back end the entire ride to work--the lisence plate says Walnut Creek California.  That's a long way from Long Island New York --and I figure they were wishing they were there now --instead of in this snow storm.  When I arrived home at the end of the day I retrieve my mail and there is a letter to me with a return postage from Walnut Creek California!   Nancy L.


I received a letter incorrectly addressed to my house, for a Rachel W-----. I opened it, sorted out the mystery, traced her, and delivered it. That very night, during philosophy class, I glanced at my neighbour's writing pad - she was using a card advertising an exhibition by someone called Rachel W-----. Not the same one = but geez, twice in one day! Then this morning, I heard an article about Rachel W--- on the radio. What is the meaning of this please?


Simon from Caly, (Robert) was coming back from a camping trip with his cousin Chrissie, (he pronounces it this way because the last time he ran into him he said hello in this fashion "Booooooobby Ap..."), but their coming back from camping back in "03" I might figure, riding down HW 101 just north of SF. Having a bit of a talk, Chrissie goes to me "Bobby, god religion", before he could get another word out a vehicle out front kicks up a pebble an nicks his windshield just a bit in the lower left front. Truth, sort of verifiable. So let's throw out a segment of one which is totally verifiable. THIS YEAR been reading great literature by one Ken Kesey, get to page 644. ole character thinking back over his life. thinks on one summer mentions 6 dates. July 13 ......  July 15..... Aug 19 John......   Sept. 4, Sept. 5, Sept. 6.  Since simon from Caly has already mentioned synchro's with one home run king and synchr. means more then one well he should be able to do it with another HRK. Well back in 1989, the local home run king ole BB hit his first home run off a guy by the name of John,  (John Smoltz). Wonder what the date was and wonder what brothers BD is. the synchros with the Kesey books Simon has been reading this year go on and on. Little tough to elaborate.  What do ya think folks, I know the people around me don't.


Guy from online dating site said we have a lot in common. We talked on the phone for a couple of minutes. Out of blue, I asked his last name. He was guy who, thirty-five years ago, helped me out of a bad situation (about 20 minutes) and disappeared. I told him tha I have been waiting to thank him for 35 years. He replied, "...synchrnonicity".


My name is Rich. On my 43rd birthday, I stopped to fill my wife's van with gas. The pump stopped right on the dollar which, despite the odds, had never occurred to me before. The more surprising thing was that it stopped on exactly $43.00.


simon from Caly betting they'll never believe him. The following morn. (3/12) after typing in doggie synchronicity, he get's chased away by frend. He doesn't want to here about journalist who needles guy with article about author from Menlo Park, Ca. 3/11/09, somebody Eisler, I forget. So guy goes over to B+N over on Stevens Creek and resumes reading KK's "Sometimes a Great Notion", still have a 100 pages left on SS, but hate for the story to end so therefore. About 1/3 the way through S.A.G.N. read the chapter where Lee and Hank are having a talk while Viv snoozes on the couch (long chapters KK writes) then Les falls in the river the next morn, but Hank and Joby and Lee and the whole crew have a perfect day at work logging the Oregon timber. That eve when their at home and Viv is cooking up the deer they had poached that morn. (liver and heart) Henry who was over at the Snag is in the truck honking for the boat and come acroos the river and pick him up. At this point KK chooses a name for another of the Stamper's doggie's. The only other dog's name I recall from the book was Plover, but this second dog names was same as friends',(that passed away on 3/7) who chased me off that morn. I used to work in grocery store with a real cool girl by the name of Stanton who drove a Karmin Ghia. What was Rhingwald's name in those teenage flicks she used to do back 1/4 century ago, and what did she drive.   "STANTON" but the doggies name like the grocery gal who wasn't thier names MOLLY.


Simon from Caly, current event in personal life, back on 2/13/09 guy (as he talks in the 3rd person) has good friend drive him over to used book store. He's looking for book by the same author who wrote Cockoo's Nest. He can't find the one he's looking for, (Sometimes a G. N.), so he picks up the one he finds. Should use this thought else where, one written about 30 years after these first 2 mentioned. The next eve he's hanging out with the same good friend, wasn't planning, but the friend called so it sounds good. On that eve the 14th there having food at his local hang-out. Watches his buddy play one poker hand, the guys playing Omaha (9 carded H/L0 game). Guys playing a hand he never should of played 3 4 8 paint, he winds up with #2 high hand, person in seat one was betting the whole way, I had realized she probably had a really good hand. Turns out as I suspected, A#1 high hand. Point is the person who drove me to find the book (which I found a different one) "Sailor Song" and the person who beat buddy with A#1, same name. What was that name, well it was the same as the name of the guys boat in the book. Just the beggining. Early on it mentions a knot on somebodies forhead (tension knot). One time do I ever rememeber seeing a person with that condition and that was on a date I once put in print (only date I every PIP). About this time, a  few weeks ago, I was thinking about emailing a certain local journalist (truth)try and get him to tout this great book (he has since touted a different author from same town as where "cockoo's nest" was written from. But then within a dozen pages the guy (myself) am reading SJ State, 2 pages later am reading journalist who went there's name, 2 pages my home state , 2 pages later poker tables.  coronas and margariette's all around, but thats nothing unusual. But now for the last 3 coincidences that I recall, (still have 100 pages to go. Page 200 or so KK's writing about swing board, It's a inversion table, had read this just after a friend had strained his back, and since I used to own one and thought they where a good idea, I mentioned, and he did pick one up. 20 pages or so later I'm reading about a chemistry teacher and a explosion in her class room (test tube). Well that's the one thing they wrote about Yours truelly in his year book. Last coincidence to this point, was the friend who had picked up the inversion table, his (one of three, the oldest) past away 3/7. On 3/8 Y T is reading Ch.14 on 3/9 he begins Ch.15. Last paragraph in 14 contains. "Nicholas had played it straight ahead, just (theres that theme again) driving. He never swerved to hit anything on purpose, never swerved to miss. Fair's fair. Pure and simple." Nicholas choose to drive, he normally didn't. The next Ch. 15 was all about a doggie funeral.  The point is about all synchros in this book well I'm thinking.................read it,


Two months ago I am told of a kid named Ryan who lived in a town nearby who went crazy with LSD in his socks.
  This story was told to me by a girl named Lauri that i was in the process of hooking up with.
  first significant fact: we share the same first name, and his last name is my middle name

prepare for goosebumps,

  ultimate signifigance: a couple months after hearing of Ryan going crazy I sort of went crazy(drug-fuelled) myself. Crashed my car, was sent to ER for over intoxication, and was sent off to a rehab upstate...
  at the facility the night before I left the following day a guy namned Ryan was brought into the same cabin, in the med line staff accidentally offered me his opium withdrawal meds. twice!
  both times I declined his meds, telling of the name difference. At that point, I had a sudden flashback of the story of a Ryan going crazy with LSD in his shoes...with my beleif in God renewed by earlier synchronicities in my life I felt determined to ask Ryan questions regarding the story told by the girl I was pursuing at the time, his answers startled me
  Ryan lived in the county next to mine, he admitted to LSD use and regarding the socks, I quote, "hell, I'm sure at some point I put it there"

earlier synchronicities made me beleive God might exsist, but this one left me assured of the pressence!

yours truely,
Ryan, Alabama

author's note to story head: I'm not sure if you will post this on the site because of the drug issues also involved, but I beleive this truely miraculous synchronicity conquers all stigmas, I beg you to put it on your site because it's nature was soo profound that my life completely changed for the better, thanks for your time.


just over the last weekend had a small (oxy mornon??? no) synchro., with guy who was a neighbor when I was growing up. He happened to of been a great nephew of Rudolph Valentino, but that's not why I write. Back a while ago you told me of that friend of yours who recently past away, Clint. I went looking at his stories, just read a couple. But "finally, finally" heard something similiar in fact, synchronized similiar. The one where he looks in the paper, the day he was born, Well I don't send this to you to print, but I do convey. My only sibling, brother landed in the hospital for life, back about twenty years ago, Cocaine habit, among a number of other psycholigical well's, he had a wife of a certain name. The brother landed in the hospital, self inflicted head injury, intension obvious, but on the day after brother's ridiculious action,  my local paper notified it's readers how a husband had dropped of a deceased wife at a hospital, cause of death cocaine over dose, name of wife same as brothers'. That was one of three synchro that I saw in the paper from the day after the worst day of my life. But for the large of the coindineces (hope the word doesn't offend, cause they are also that). But for the solar opposite that Clint wrote about, my psycholigical altercation in my life very much involves Kathryn, person who brought me into this world when she was 19 and 1/2, and also her brother who has her same BD, different years, my BD as I believe I've imformed you (1st heart transplant, decade off) their BD's 6 months off, short one day. It's another 2nd and 3rd type thing. I'm missing half the teeth out of my mouth (almost), and have never skied the rockies, a major love of mine. Can anyone blame me for trying to exploit, but the message along with it would be where the value would be, But I think I give to much away and probably sabotage myself, oh well. "09" big year. 


So this is an update to the Rod Stewart Song story below, right after  posted that story i walked out of my room and Rod was on the radio!!!! Not he same song but hey....

Also i went back to said used furniture store and the song "Ballroom Blitz" was on.... how obnoxious haha. I went to a swim meet a few hours later and my friend started singing it! I'm thinking she heard it on the radio too, funny though.

and the name is Ryan


Simon from caly again, what was that score of the Super bowl  27-23 equals how much. I was thinking 24-23. I'm gonna throw out a synchronicity that's not mine, but was conveyed (shown to me) by an ole friend, back in April 01. The guy my "Pal", it's a ryhme, the guy living up in nothern Caly, he's walking along an old gravel road, (I've got my own about an old gravel road involes a large cent from 1819) an airport road to a small airport. He looks down on the ground and see's a picture, a postcard. He say's to himself I recognize those pants and I recognize those shoes. It's was a picture of a man throwing a fishing line into the surf at the base of the Golden Gate bridge, SF side. It's was a picture postcard of his pop. Why where the Cardinals ("warning" from a x-Ram)in the Super Bowl "this" year, why was Barack speech 18 minutes long, I love the NFL for the way they very often acknowledge someone up-above. I remember once in a game it was 3rd and 16 and there was 3:16 left on the clock one team took a time out. Then the other team took a time out. My people ridicule me for noticing things there to busy to, thne again mabye there just teasing deny me truth.


for astrological sign, will use synchronicity, not to be sly only to prove a point.  If I wanted to say that my family ripped out my heart and sort of stomped on it, I'd say I was born 10 years to the day before the first heart trans plant. To use synchronicity again a certain celebrity had a show called The Power of Ten, not sure how it went, don't have TV, but point is a person who grew up directly across a little court from me spent years working as a producer for that particular celebrity on his self titled show (Drew Carey). No relation  I would think to the person who really likes the number 23. (Jim Carey), but since I segwayed back to the number, something I read in just the last week. We are a Carbon based life form as we all know, as all on earth are. Question is what percentage of a human being, and maybe many mammals is made up of Carbon, more intelligent design, chromosome, %. But as for the synchronicity it seems nobody it seems  (I do say humbly) has this particular stuff going in their life like I do, the family really kind of goofed with me and all I could do was internalize it. Excess emotion. Yeah I'd write I book,  (read many of them, haven't heard much yet) but sick of running the stuff alone in my own mind. Looking for someone who has the ability to help me earn by oraginizing a particular message,  major need of dental work. I've been known to sleep on the pavement but now am supported so I can live, but not move on.  My synchronicity, all but a few a very verifiable. !00's of facts (1856-1917-1963-2012) rapted up in dozen's and dozen's of stories.


The New agers like James and George are aware of my situation, but don't return  communication. Now it was Kari who was interested in that number and the fact is like I figured  about a year and 1/2 ago, after thinking about it for about three days, that it's chromosomes, which makes it a very significiant life number. Just bought the movie the about a week ago, and saw that  the observation is not unique, as well it shouldn't be, simple. See it's intelligent design 2 become 3   four   six.  but hears a couple of steps forward that fewer have notice. Since I do have a couple of the craziest Valetine stories going, the one you did print   (See I'm Simon somtimes) the other from "05"  7 years apart, but the fact is if Ash wednesday falls on Valetines Day then Easter sunday will fall on April fools day, unless it be a leap year, speaking of bunnies. but that's 23 reproduction Valetines day relationship. Now since Easter can fall on 34 different days, this doesn't happen to often, but coincidently enough, it did happen when 1923. Intelligent design, also theres the Book of Daniel that uses the number 2300, chromosomes biology, anatomy 10 fingers 10 toes, just the bible showing it's advanced knowledege. If you ever use this stuff give the guy a little credit for it. SJ synchro guy.   Next I live knid of confused, not sure if I conveyed my little earthquacke story to you, and if I did would rather you not put it on your sight for now. I'm not sure how estranged I'm gonna remain with my family.


So who ever you are, Kari maybe, someone was asking for synchronicities involving the number 23, well sorry but my stories, which you did "print" a couple of them basically involve the number 30 and the number 7, well  guess I do get to 23 in that fashoin, but I am the guy who can tell you what's so special about 23 and have aready put it on record. In fact did it, just coincidentally enough in the year that the town I live in was 230 years old, good timing huh. But since they leave me so isolated, (synchroncities cause, excess emotion seems they like data), so if you like to know what's so special about 23, like the number of steps at the bottom of one of the Mayans bigger pyramid, if my eyes did not decieve me, but if you would like to know, which you've probably figured annway, cause your'e probably not a dummy and it is rarther simple, but because of the isolation you will have to contact.


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